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I was walking around my neighbourhood yesterday afternoon trying to get back into the groove of street shooting. This summer I have not been as productive as in previous years and it has been bothering me a little bit.

For the longest time I have been struggling with the idea of producing the best photographs when I'm out shooting, what ever that means. It's good to have aspirations, but I've now come to some conclusions about this. The reason why I originally started to shoot on the streets of London was for a personal record of my life and environment – and what happens in it. The unusual, the quirky, the humourous – most of all the reality. I've now come to a point where I'm constantly struggling between what I see and what I shoot. And I feel I'm caught in between what I want and what I should. But in the end – Is it so important to look for just that "one shot" from the day? Have I been concentrating on the wrong things when I'm out? Would it be just good to shoot… and shoot, and shoot some more photos?

I've been reading about Dorothea Lange recently and found great comfort in her words the other day: "To know ahead what you're looking for means you're then only photographing your own preconseptions, which is very limiting." I feel that for a while I have just been doing that, limiting myself. Isn't part of documenting what is around you about the unexpected. She also once said "camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera". I am going to therefore just shoot now – shoot what I see, shoot what attracts me and keep a record of it here, and hopefully learn in the process to see.

This is what I saw yesterday:

Behind my local chippy.

The containers read:
"Cooking Oil – No Cholesterol"
It made me smile.

He looked ever so sad.
I was standing at the bus stop across the street.

Piece of The Berlin Wall stands in front of the Imperial War Museum.

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2 Comments on “press: start”

  1. Julian says:

    I love the bus stop photo.

  2. Marianne says:

    Dodiih. Täälhän on tullu juttua. :DMulla on ollu vähän samanlaiset fiilikset viimeaikoina. Tai sellanen että pitäs ottaa muka jotenkin 'hyviä' kuvia mikä ajatuksena lamaannuttaa niin paljon että tulee otettua ihan paskoja kuvia tai ei ollenkaan mitään.Pitäs osata joo olla 'yrittmättä' mitään.

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