just another manic… Thursday?

Most of the week I have been feeling like this.

And today has been a bizarre day. People who know me know how much I hate Thursdays. I can't stand the in-between-nothing-day that Thursday is. It's not quite the week, not yet exciting as Friday is as the gateway to the weekend. On top of it all, anything that can go wrong on a Thursday it usually will. I can't really say that things have gone wrong today, they have just been… well, weird.

I was walking around the neighbourhood shooting streetphotos this afternoon. I was stopped by a guy handing out free afternoon newpapers (I blame my new hair colour) not to give me the paper, but to ask me about my Canon 20D. Turns out seven months ago he bought a Canon EOS-1D Mark II with some badass (<– used quite liberally in this context) telephoto lenses to become a London paparazzi. He's been to two premiers. His recommendation to me was to upgrade to a Canon 5D. When I said I am very happy with my 20D and I'm out doing some street photography his eyes went blank and he kept handing out his free newpaper. Only in London… ;-) Have you ever come across people who are photographers just for the sake of the gear, not actually what they do with it?

Today was a "warm up" photos only day. As I'm doing a course with Tate Modern called City & Photography we are asked to photograph during the next few weeks our "chance encouters" with the city. Because I've been in a bit of a dip with my street photography I think this course has come at a good time to inspire and to push me. As far as warm ups go it was an ok day on the street. My best photo from the day is quite possibly this one:

She was probably on her way home from work, standing at the traffic lights, yawning.

As I walked past Waterloo Arts Centre a young woman was putting up a sign about a photography workshop. When I asked her what it was about she took me in and asked me to take part. Turns out The Lomographic Society is doing a special project in Lower Marsh (a street and market behind Waterloo Station). I was given a Lomo colorsplash camera to record the market, memories and people on the street. How fantastic! The Lomo people are displaying the best photos on South Bank and I will get copies of my prints. I did have to sign the copyrights over and a model release (under Austrian law, yikes! :-D), but it's Lomo. How could I not? I took 20 photos this afternoon and I'm going back this evening to take some night shots. The colour flash (clear, red, yellow and blue) should come handy when it gets dark. We have to return the cameras tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see what I can get up to with the rest of the roll and also what other people have snapped! I'll post some details here too when I find out when this lomo wall is going up!

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One Comment on “just another manic… Thursday?”

  1. rollfilm says:

    You should have told this guy that spending a bunch of money to get a 1D and a tele amkes no sense for beeing paparazzi these days. Our Yellow Press is way beyond that. There are millions of people running around with cameras and i dont mean black boxes with lenses but cellphones. So what "Bild" is doing is that they pay 500€ per published (in the paper version, not online) picture of cellphone snaps of scenes which are "relevant". We got to know our Ex-chancellor nearly naked at the beach already and saw one of our national football players pissing in public already. Now thats what i call Paparazzi. Kodaks advertisement "You push the button, we do the rest" has finally become reality.And even the Lomo people, as cool as the chance to get the prints for free and exhibited, are somehow going the same way. You deliver the material, they have a nice advertisement campaign for themselves. After all this thursday doesnt sound too much of a catastophe to me.

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