Re: Weekdays
Saturdays are my favourite ones.

I've had a really nice Saturday today wandering around London town. Before I left the house this afternoon I caught Lily Allen's LDN on the radio. What a great theme tune it was for today. There is something very special about London. Every time I go away and come back the energy of this city really hits me. Sometimes it's feels like a current going through me and other people on the streets.

Street photographywise it was a good day today, too. There were the Thames Festival as well as the London Bridges Walk going on today. However I steered away from both first and headed for a walk across Blackfriars Bridge to parts of the Square Mile and Holborn. I love getting lost in the City of London. It still amazes me that after all the years I've lived in this city I end up finding places I've never come across before. My favourite find from today was Lincoln's Inn Fields.

This guy was having a nap in the park there.

I love how people mark their territory in the urban landscape. I have been fascinated by graffiti for a long time. Just  look at the contrast in these two:


Both spotted today.

On my way home I caught the bus to the National Theatre to see some of the Thames Festival. The South Bank was full of people, and I had been out all day at this point so I just walked through a small patch before heading home. I tried to catch some photos of the atmosphere just at the tailend of my enthusiasm (and CF card). These are my three favourite ones:

I'm not sure what they were taking a break from, but they look like Blues Brother Jr.

There was a fantastic show on outside the NT when I got there.

Someone had already had enough…

In the meanwhile… my flickr photos have been getting loads of activity in the past 24 hrs. I usually get about max 30 views per photo there, but one of them is now gone over 1,000 views! I'm totally puzzled. I have no idea where the interest has come from. The few photos that are getting a lot of views only have one comment, too, so it must be outside  It's quite frightening to have such views on my photos. I keep looking at them and thinking "Why these?". (If anyone knows, will you let me know please? :-))

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