Happy Monday!

This is what I saw today (on my way to Tate Modern and back home again):

I think he didn't quite get the idea of how to ride a bike perhaps… :-D

I love how these people aligned whilst I was composing the shot.

Little did the three friends know that their past had caught up with them…
I mean, just look at that guy catching up to them! :-D

He caught my eye. I liked the light and that huge text behind him. As I hardly ever shoot at night time this is something totally new to me. Shame about that black pilar in the foreground, but this was closest I could get to him without looking like a stalker.

This is my favourite photo from today. The combination of people, the shapes and lights really make me happy about catching this moment. It's amazing what people will do when they trust you're not taking a photo of them. She was standing there for ages writing a text message before walking down the stairs to the underground. A perfect model. :-)

As you can see, the Photography and The City workshop at Tate Modern is doing something good to me and my street photography. I can't express how glad I am to have shaken that feeling of having to get a magnificent shot every time I was out with a camera. I felt so stuffy, limited and inadequate for such a long time. Now I just go out and shoot. It feels amazing, so liberating. It's so simple, yet I'm the most productive I have been all year. Just watch out London! ;-)


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