Friday Street

I am so not making this up. I could not have come across a better street in the City of London today.

It's Friday. I'm doing street photography.
On a street in London called Friday Street!
Don't you just love these kinds of coincidences? :-)

Good start for the weekend was the fact that the pouring rain cleared by the time I was leaving work today. I made special effort of bringing my camera with me to work today, because even though things are going good shooting wise, I am still having to push myself. I'd give 6 out of 10 for today's street shooting. There were so many people around today. Even in London standards. So, it was hard to keep up with what was going on around me. Especially because I decided to go home via the City (Old Street, Moorgate, London Wall, Cannon Street and Blackfriars). There was this BUZZ of Friday going on today. People were so happy, in love, going away, going home, having drinks, laughing.

This couple was so happy in love and totally oblivious what was going on in the world around them.
(Everyone together now: aww!)

What else did I see today:

He's got a long month ahead of him…

I'm not sure to whom or why he was doing this, but it made me smile.

Would you trust this workman building your home? :-D

Fights over taxis. They are fun when you're not involved.

We were waiting for the bus to get home. She had time to pop in the Starbucks, I didn't.

The plan for the weekend now is some relaxing, reading, pancakes, cleaning, laundry, street photography, dinner with friends and time generally spent in pyjamas – and maybe not in this particular order. I'm still reading Geoff Dyers's Ongoing Moment. It's an interesting read. If you can get over the blind according players. ;-)

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