please release me

Just having one of those weeks – and it's only Tuesday. (I can't wait until Thursday now… :-P)

Here's some photos from yesterday. Not many, and nothing fantastic I'm afraid. It was raining on and off in London yesterday afternoon and evening. I was also in a rush getting to Tate Modern after work to get to my course on time. So, it was sloppy shooting – unfortunately.

This was zooming past me on The Cut.
I love the superhero costume on the phonebox caught in this picture.
I went through an obsession with the colour yellow in my photos this summer.
Maybe this is ripples of that… :-)

The way he was wearing his coat caught my eye.
I have no idea why he had it like that, or what he was hiding! ;-)

Just around the corner from Tate Modern I spotted this.
I don't know if I took any photos on that date, but I thought the combination of these two was funny though.

For some reason this caught my eye on my way home.
Litter is part of the landscape in London. Too much so, come to think of it.

… But it reminded me of a photo I took on Friday and didn't blog:

Another series coming up? :-D

The last thing I saw was:

Her bike was in a bad shape and it was getting late.
(I think I'm currently going through a phase of snapping at people on and off their bikes!)

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