you want fries with that?

About a week ago when I was on my way home from doing some neighbourhood street photography I popped into my local kebab shop to get something for dinner. Whilst pondering what to order the guys behind the counter pointed at the camera around my neck, assembled into a pose and asked me to take a photo. Today I brought them the print. What was even better than the free chips with garlic sauce I was treated to was the reaction from the guys when I gave them this photo. They work hard, long hours and with sometimes difficult (and drunk) customers. I had forgotten how someone else's genuine smile and gratitude can make you feel. I am so glad I was reminded of that tonight. (And of course, for the free chips. ;-))

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4 Comments on “you want fries with that?”

  1. Marianne says:

    Vähänkö hyvä. :DSulla onki ollu viime aikoina vauhti päällä!

  2. KeyLimeTwist says:

    like this photo.. are the two on the sides brothers? they look so similar even in their reaction to a camera, I love the delighted smile on the middle guy :)

  3. pebaline says:

    I don't know, I never thought to ask. I will when I next pop in the shop as we're on first name basis now. ;-)

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