busy inner city

You might laugh, you might frown

Walkin' round London town…
(Lily Allen – LDN)

I think I have accidentally stumbled on couple starts of series.
There certainly seems to be themes like this to my recent photos.

There were a lot of people carrying things around today.

I'm not sure how much shelter from the rain she was getting under there. :-)

He looked, but he didn't buy.
(Who has a summer sale on around the beginning of October anyways?)

For some reason I find this photo very pleasing to look at.
To me it looks like a blue monster trying to eat the man…

I'm always fascinated by urban loneliness and isolation, be it in photographs or in literature.
It's such a contradiction in a major city like London where there are moments of this forced (and false) intimacy e.g. in public transportation. It always surprises me too when I find people alone in quiet places around London. There is something melancholy about them, like in this woman.

Speaking of themes, here's more rubbish. :-D
I'm not sure if you can see his chef moustache in this photo.
They were impressive!

He literally walked into my shot. I was actually trying to catch the guy who is now behind him (carrying massive paper bags of paper cups), but the builder fits into to the category of more people carrying more stuff today.

And another common theme: here's more people on bicycles…

And to round this entry off, here are my three personal favourites from today:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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