bring your brolly

It was a miserable grey and drizzly day today in London. I brought my camera along with me to a conference I was attending near Piccadilly and at lunch time went around trying to get some shooting done. The weather got worse and worse by the minute and I ended giving up and getting back inside to a nice cup of coffee quite soon. No Martin Parr Bad Weather series for a creature of comfort like me! ;-) Overall rating of 7 out of 10 today though, so not bad at all. Especially since it's been a few days I got out to do some street photography. My Tate Modern course now over I'm having to rely on my own motivation, too. So, let's see how that goes!

There was something rather odd about this woman.
Maybe it's that coat…

Women are great at multitasking.
I wonder what happened to her when the call ended! :-)

People had different ways of dealing with the weather.
I quite like the woman in sunglasses.
There's always someone who is overly optimistic, right? :-D

Or maybe more than one optimist…
Usually Londoners are miserable regardless of the weather.
He was a nice exception to the rule.

He was lost. All he needed to do was to lift his head from the map and turn around.
And being a real man he never asked for directions…

Talking about Londoners… there are the stylish ones… ;-)
The Evening Standard sellers are a lovely part of the sound landscape in London, too.
It took me years to make out what they were saying when selling the evening papers.


Just before the rain got the best of me.
This is my favourite shot from today.
Some people just have such beautifully animated faces.
And he stood just at the right spot. :-)

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One Comment on “bring your brolly”

  1. I like this! I feel like I have visited London.

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