October ice cream

Quick shoot out today because I popped into the National Portrait Gallery today only to find that the free contemporary gallery space was closed for the upcoming David Hockney exhibit. So, around the Trafalgar Square I went before going home to do some laundry.

It was a gorgeous autumn day today.


I just love how the light drew the silhouettes of these people.

There were so many people enjoying the sunshine and belive it or not – ice cream!
Considering it is October in London it was quite exceptional.
My favourite photo from the day is the couple eating their ice creams.
I think there is something greatly theatrical about this gentleman.
Maybe it's just me thinking it's amusing that adults are sticking their tongues out in this way! :-D

What's great about well known tourist spots in London is that you can blend in so easily to do some street photography. Everybody has some sort of a camera hanging around their neck, so I don't stand out at all. Well, maybe for the reason I am pointing my camera down at the crowd of people rather than up Nelson's Column. ;-)

I think she was Italian or German.
They seem to be the most colourfully dressed tourists in the world. ;-)
This also reminded me of the great project PostCrossing.
If you don't know about it, go check it out!

I think I know this feeling…

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