I had some friends visiting me today and I took them for a long walk around central London. Whilst they took some touristy photos I took photos of the tourists. ;-) (Sweet Saturday in my books!) A lot of photos to get through today, so let's get to it!

Before I got to Marylebone Station to meet with my friends I saw this.
The glove was laying on the street, just like that. What a sign!

He looked like he was in the middle of a difficult conversation.

We bumped into this Bollywood film set accidentally twice today.
We saw them first at Leicester Square dancing away in a proper bangra way.
Later we were walking along the Victoria Embankment and low and behold – we encountered this scene!

That dog was going berserk. I think there was too much stimulus for him.

The gossip was devoured from today's papers. ;-)


Naps were had…

… And impressive poses were pulled for younger sisters at Trafalgar Square.
This is one of my favourite captures from today. :-)

Easy way to spot one! :-D

And some tourists had made more effort today than others…

… and made great souvenir photos! :-D

It was like she was waiting for someone to take a photo.
So I did.

Someone got a special ride today.
It's quite amazing that the woman sits at the back… :-D

Another personal favourite from today.
 I've got a thing for couples.
This is a lovely addition to the series I've got of them.

Now it's a matter of relaxing for the rest of the weekend. My legs are pulp after being out all day today. It was lovely, but tomorrow I'm going to be laying on the sofa enjoying greek yoghurt and Sunday afternoon movies. Bliss!

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