back to the 60’s

My hair stylist has moved to a new hair salon, so I had to venture out to Barbican to get my hair cut today. I always get lost in that area, it's such a strange part of London. It's like stepping back to 60's (even though it was built in 1982). After getting my hair and some photography done I went to the Barbican Centre to see the European Photographers in the 20th Centry exhibition. It was very good in my opinion, even though it has received mild reviews in the press.

I got a bit exhibitioned out in the end (it's a very large collection of work from 22 photographers spanning from the Great War to the Cold War!), but was really glad to have seen some originals from one of my favourite photographers André Kertész. They also have the Brassaï's Paris by Night photos in the exhibition, I keep forgetting how great that series is (shame on me!). I also saw some amazing photos by Viktor Kolář and instantly became a fan!

And this is what I saw today…

Waterloo was busy for Saturday.
I have a thing about men wearing this shade of baby pink… but
I love the man by the Information board (not literally!).
He noticed me taking a photo of him, but was really cool about it and just smiled.

Lunch time at Barbican.
The guy in the cafe was so deep in his own thoughts
that the waitress made him jump when she brought him his lunch. :-)

This lady on the left pulled a face when she recognised
the people she had been waiting for in the crowd coming out of the Tube.
I was really waiting for the woman with the magazine to do something,
but instead caught the guy in the background and this smirk.

Around the corner from the Barbican.
Apologies especially to the British people viewing this,
but it was just too funny to leave unphotographed. ;-)
Obviously the 'Y' has been added to it, the original street name is Fann Street.

The Barbican Centre in London is so weird…
I always get lost trying to find it and I also get lost easily inside.
It took me forever to find the ladies – again.
The decor is also very concrete block 60's in and outside.
But the lighting rocks and I got to take photos of people undisturbed.

For some reason I keep bumping into a lot of people looking lost these days.
It's forming into another quite nice series. :-)

My favourite photo from today.
There was something bittersweet about this scene as she was crying.

It was nice to be out with my camera today. It's been about two weeks since I have done any street photography. The exhibition was also very good inspiration. I have just bought the André Kertész – Early Years book from And my hair is extra cute having had it cut today, too. A perfect Saturday!

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