Recently I have been organising things on my computer and came across some unblogged photos. Some of them I didn't blog originally as they seemed to lack something, but mostly I just forgot at the time. I'm going to go through them today in here, because I don't think it's fair leaving them out to be honest.

I liked the contrast with the man's expression and bundle with the caption on the poster.

This is the same bus stop as in this…

I really like the motion vs. static and people vs. inanimate.
I know the people set up with advertising/posters is the oldest trick in the street photography book,
but I happen to like it. :-D.
And look, it's more people carrying things…

This was a moment I passed on my way home.
I thought it was a funny the man was in the phone booth, but on his own mobile phone.
At the time I didn't think I executed this in the best possible way, but it still puts a smile on my face.

More people lost. I really should start organising this series on Flickr.com.
I have learned to be subtly confrontational with my camera this year.
Mostly I pretend blatantly that I'm not even taking a photo of the person I am photographing.
Most of the time this works. Like with this man.
I really like the connection I have caught here with me and him, and his obvious feeling of frustration.

This is from London's Chinatown. I loved the contrast of these women and their positioning.
It's a shame that the older woman closed her eyes, and this is why I didn't blog this before.

One of the moments I wish I'd caught much better, but those men in the background really ruined any possibility of making this work after I took a couple of frames. There were so many of them so that the old lady got lost in the crowd and then a moment later she'd stood up, lost the fag and I'd lost the moment. Wish this was tad bit sharper, too. But there is something about old people smoking that I find fascinating… Oh, and the title is a play with words. A fag means a cigarette in Britain. It's not to meant to be offensive in any way. ;-)

I totally forgot to post this when I was blogging the photos from 16th September 06.
It's actually one of my favourite photos from that day, so I have no excuses.
I love the connection with the couple – the things people in love do in the "honeymoon period", as well as their setting.
Too cute for words. :-D

Shooting in general has been a bit slow, because work is consuming a lot of my time and energy at the moment. One nice thing that happened this week was that I got my prints and negs from the Lomographic Society (from the South Bank Lomo wall thing). There are two pictures in there which I really adore, about 6 that are ok and the rest of it is rubbish. The case of first rolls once again proven… :-D I'm adding scanning the prints to my to-do list, so expect to see some of them in the future here. But for now, I think I'll try to go out and get some new snaps!

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3 Comments on “unblogged”

  1. rollfilm says:

    "carry", i like a lot. not only because its a great idea of setting this up as a perfect dyptich compared to pure magic which is an imperfect dyptich to me but because of the dynamic of the sport guy moving towards her, the same theme in both parts of the photo and her look!the colours feels flat and "digital" here though.

  2. Thanks for sharing these with us. I liked the ones that contrast the people with the advertisements. I thought the "texting together" one was cute.

  3. pebaline says:

    Mr Rollfilm – I'm having some issues calibrating my PS with correct colours atm. I wish I knew how to correct this, because in photochop it all looks ok, but when I open photos in other files or when uploading they lose the levels and turn out flat or de-saturated. I had some more time to compose my shot with "carry", as I saw her coming down the road well in advance. With the guy he just appeared and I reacted. The lady photo I'm quite proud of indeed. :-)

    Shane – Thanks! I really had no excuse for forgetting these photos in the first place, but they made a nice space filler whilst getting some news shots in, too. :-)

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