it’s so clear now

Went out to the neighbourhood on Saturday afternoon inspired by the recent findings of the "unblogged". The loot from the day was small and variable. But the day was bright, sunny and crisp, and it did me good to get out to get some fresh air. Well, as fresh as it comes in central London.

The park by the London Eye is lovely, and rarely too busy.

It doesn't get more typical than this in London.
No parking really doesn't mean no parking… now does it?

More typical view of my recent outings.
… or I wonder if it is the case of seeing something more often when you start to concentrate on it.
You know like when you break up with someone you see a lot of couples in love around you, all the time.

Saturdays can be tough days for relationships.
It surely wasn't all sunshine and puppy dogs for these two.

I wish I'd got a better photo of this young man.
He was walking with a minder and a younger sister (also carrying a poster) down South Bank.
I really liked the message being put across by a child. It really was stopping people in their tracks.

She stood out perfectly from the mass of people around her whilst waiting for – well, whoever she was waiting for.
I love her face and the details of the tree matching her colour scheme. :-)

Someone else waiting, but enjoying the sun in a different way.

What can I say – once again from the good old book of people meet posters street photography.
But honestly, who could resist photographing such a moment and connection?
I'm going to have to sort out the colours in my photoshop as this is coming out as really flat, but it's one of favourite photos from this year. I love when you're in the right place at the right time – and you have a camera with you! :-)

And the cherry on top of the Saturday gone was bumping into a film set at the Waterloo underground station:

The people at the bus stop are all extras in the film that was shot.
I'm not sure of the purpose of the man sitting in the middle of the road.
It also took me ages to find out what they were filming and with whom, but sticking around was worth it.
Turns out it was…

Matt Damon!
Filming the new Bourne Identity 3!

I was quite glad I got this photo, as big security men and other staff were walking in the line of anyone trying to take photos all the time on purpose. I eventually got asked to put my camera away and not to take photos. Which I did, because I'd already had my first London paparazzi moment and caught this. I feel so dirty now! :-D

This is actually the first "proper" Hollywood star I have come across in London in all the time I have lived here.
I've met and bumped into some minor British TV and film stars – best one probably being Colin Firth in the same comedy show in the East End couple years ago… And no I can't remember anything else from that night. He sat only 8 feet away from us! :-D Neneh Cherry has literally bumped into me at H&M the first year I lived in London too, but that's about it. And certainly I won't be getting out there becoming your regular start spotter/shooter either. Maybe this is just another case of being in the right place at the right time. :-)

But let's finish with something really cool photography-wise.

Here's a part of the South Bank Lomo Wall!
I went to see it finally, and as you can see it looks great!

I recognised about 3-4 photos to be mine, but it's SO big and there were quite a few people having a good look at it. It has all these really cool features of being able to hear poetry, memories and stories about the local Lower Marsh area, too. I'm glad I finally got to see it myself. If you are in London go and have a look yourself. You can find it on the South Bank, at Royal Festival Hall near the entrance to the Queen Elizabeth Hall (up the stairs) until 1st December 2006.

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3 Comments on “it’s so clear now”

  1. rollfilm says:

    just a short message around midnight that "the entertainer" is a big hit for me! great timing.(guess the straight 90° setup adds for me as well. you know… lines and such.)

  2. Paul Mison says:

    On Protest Boy: "I really liked the message being put across by a child. It really was stopping people in their tracks.". Personally, I have a problem with kids at demonstrations. They don't know their own minds really. Would he have chosen to go to a protest and wave that sign if it wasn't for his parents going? Will he look back in ten years and be happy that he went, just because they did?I do approve of this Richard Dawkins quote:How can a child be called a “Muslim child” or “Christian child?” How can a child possibly know what religion it believes in? If you met someone that pointed at their six-year-old daughter and said, “She’s a MARXIST child!” or “She’s a REPUBLICAN child,” you would rightly think they’re totally insane and call child protection.Good photo, though.

  3. pebaline says:

    I really like that Richard Dawkins quote. I don't personally believe that children choose what political or religious stance to take, they look up to adults in so many things, like those two I just mentioned. Like you said, children don't have minds of their own.I think in this case it was a very effective way to get a strong message across in that particular protest. And unfortunately this does not only happen in our part of the world, culture, religion or society. Whether it is right or wrong is not for me to decide, I only record the world around me. :-)

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