A friend.
Pub lunch.
Good conversations.


One of the first few photos from yesterday.
He was having a very heated conversation on the mobile.

What's better on a crispy autumn day?
Walking in the middle of the crunchy leaves in a London park?
Or the warm hot dog with extra mustard?

Or playing hide and seek with your friends? :-)

On a wheel in one of those maintenancy buggies the gardeners ride around the park at 5mph.
It's great to see some people aim high…

I hope it's as interesting read as the usual Sunday papers.

I love old people. I can't wait to be like this.
These two were so enticed by a squirrel – as you can see.

This young man was enjoying feeding the pidgeons in St James's Park.
It's my favourite London park, full of gorgeous trees and a lot of water.

People have different ways of enjoying the parks in London.
Some enjoy the fresh air, some enjoy polluting it.

Not old enough to be enticed by the squirrels obviously…

This Italian man got bitten by that goose.
Suppose the pieces of bread were not as juicy as his fingers.

This was a very popular activity in the park yesterday.
Birds fondling birds…

Speaking of which…

That black bird was in every single frame I took of the pelicans.

Did you hear that story the other week of one of these pelicans eating a pidgeon?
Read all about it here!

Keeping warm by Buckingham Palace.
Romance in London is not dead yet.

Is it me or does that man in the left corner look disapproving to you, too?
Or am I just a result of the modern society of paranoia (like he might be) where it is not ok for fathers to spend some quality time with their daughters without someone being suspicious?

Yesterday was Remembrance Day in UK.
We caught part of the parade band coming up the Whitehall,
and this man going against the flow.

I love that saying: "Only dead fish go with the flow". :-)

Yes, I'm going to be boring you with pictures of people with maps looking lost now for a while I think.

Like this guy…

… and this couple by Buckingham Palace…

… and these two!
I think that's it for now…

I have saved the best till last today.

We were by the Spencer House (at least I think that's where this is from) which is just around the corner from Buckingham Palace, next to Green Park yesterday afternoon.
This couple was aiming for the ultimate tourist snap…

You're not actually allowed to step inside those guard boxes, even if they are empty.
And the guards don't really speak to anyone usually.
However this guard told the couple off for their actions, resulting in the above being caught by me.
I just love that woman's face, and the fact that they have an awesome story to tell from their trip to London now. :-)

That's it for now…

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17 Comments on “remembrance”

  1. Elyzabeth says:

    great pics as usual! I especially like the "hide and seek" one along with the "with or without you" pose. :)

  2. Paul Mison says:

    Last Sunday I was at St James's Park, and while I failed to get any good photos of it, I did see the final stages of a pelican eating another pigeon. I don't know if it always does it at the same place, but it was between the bridge and Inn The Park on the north bank of the lake. I wonder if it's got a taste for the things.

  3. pebaline says:

    Oh no! Not again?! We were with those pelicans about 2pm and they were sitting there nice and pretty (as you can see)… is that a menacing look I see in that pelicans eye? What do you call a bird that eats other birds anyways? :-D

  4. Alex says:

    What a lovely snapshot of London…

  5. pebaline says:

    Thank you Alex! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! :-)

  6. Congrats on getting on the VOX front page! I liked the title of "with or without you." A U2 tribute?

  7. Heather D. says:

    Wow, lovely photos :-) I just stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist from looking at them all! Great work!
    -Heather D.

  8. Bookmole says:

    Excellent. I used to walk through St James Park every day, to and fro from work and Victoria Station. Loved it. Haven't been for years, but I think that will change now. Living so close to London and not going – how stupid is that. Specially when it is such a lovely city. Thanks for sharing. Gonna go and look through your blog now. Maybe comment more later.

  9. Lizzie says:

    Some brilliant photos – thanks for sharing

  10. thereshegoes says:

    I totally love this post. So many nice pictures from the daily London ^_^

  11. AmyH says:

    I love London in winter. Actually, I've only been in London in December (twice) but I'm sure I would love it in the summer, spring and autumn as well. Thank you for the lovely pictoral vacation.

  12. jp says:

    Lots of honest tourist fun!

  13. NOOS says:

    really good pictures..

  14. Essy says:

    I stayed at the Jolly Hotel near St. James Park and never got to actually see the park! Thanks for sharing your photos.

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