don’t feel like dancing

First of all – THANK YOU everybody so much for all the visits, favourites, comments and notes. The unexpected appearance at the VOX frontpage this week was a great honour. And most of all it gave me the gift of a bigger neighbourhood and new friends here. What could be better! :-) So hello to you all. Thanks for making my week really special, too. I have been suffering from a bad cold this week, hence the lack of posts here…

I did take my camera out and about after work today though. I have been wanting to get my teeth into more nighttime street photography. Not wanting to leave it much longer meant that today was the day (or night if you prefer) of new experiments. The days in UK are getting shorter anyways, so I thought I might as well get to grips with new light conditions and make the most of it.

Here is what I saw tonight:

At least it was not raining tonight, like it was yesterday…

One of the two free London newspapers handed out to people commuting home.
They are supposed to be handed out mind you, but sometimes the people handing them out also leave them in and at bus stops and trains. These were waiting at a bus stop. Actually they are a bit of a nuisance and rarely get recycled when left like this. If it rains they get walked into a pulp on the streets which is not a nice present to carry home on your shoes either…

Someone was left behind in the office.
Sometimes I like to do the same, sometimes it just feels eerie.

She was waiting for someone opposite the Farringdon underground station.
I just liked the way she was touching her hair and how elegant her hands were.

More people on their way home.
Since the London bombings in July 2005 the number of cyclists has increased in London.
Sometimes the cycling traffic is more breakneck than the car traffic let me tell you. :-D

It wouldn't be a box standard blog entry without a photo of someone carrying something, now would it?

Night time view of St Paul's from Blackfriars Bridge.
One of my favourite views of London.

He was a happy accident that walked into my photo.
I was waiting for the woman in the phonebox to come out actually.
London Eye in the background in beautiful blue.

Reasonably priced, too.
Unfortunately I had no means of taking any of these home tonight.

My love for elderly people doesn't vanish even at night time. :-D

I also love people with animated faces.
This is typical pedestrian congestion at traffic lights.

I only had one shot at him, so it's a bit soft.
I like it though, I was lucky with the composition at least.

The excitement of waiting for the bus home can sometimes be unbareable…
He was in a world of his own, totally. And I was very happy about that.

One of my favourites from tonight.
He was looking around a lot, but concentrated enough on the paper for me to grab this shot.
Lucky that London cab pulled into the frame, too.

Ever get that feeling that someone's watching you?
She was very intuitive, even though I was aiming for that hooded guy next her. :-)
I really like it when I make a connection with people in my photos –
whether they know they are being photographed or not.

That's it for tonight. It was a good experience and I'm sure I'll be getting out more after daylight this winter. :-)

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One Comment on “don’t feel like dancing”

  1. Elyzabeth says:

    As always – these are wonderful photos! You must have a really great camera to be able to take such good night time shots. I am always fascinated with the little slices of peoples life and how you capture them – you do such a fab job.

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