suspicious Saturday

I was at Camden about lunch time today. The people there, the real Londoners, are so suspicious of anyone with a camera! Well rightly so, but not many people approach me when I am taking photos out and about London. Today I had a number of dirty and/or suspicious looks from people and someone came to ask me who I was taking photos of. I'm usually happy to talk about what I'm doing and why. Smiling helps a lot too I've come to learn since I started to do street photography. :-) However if you are an angry drunk homeless woman I'm not even shooting I'm happy to say "that building over there" pointing above you…

See what I mean? Someone was not happy at all with me holding a camera.
Oh well… Sometimes it's just not all about you. :-D

Some people on the other hand did not mind at all.
Typical Saturday traffic in Camden in the background.

He was in a world of his own. And less confrontational.
I like looks like these, people are more genuine when they are oblivious.

So, next week it is December.
I know I'm in slight denial about this,
but you won't find me eating ice cream at a cold and windy London bus stop.
She was really enjoying it, too.
(…maybe I'm just jealous? :-D)

I wonder who was walking who?
Lucky that there was another guy on his mobile phone, too.

She reminds me of that lady in that first Home Alone film.
Maybe she's not as scary, but the pidgeons certainly recognised her.
I was trying to do some artistic dusky silhoutte photos when all the pidgeons vanished from my photo…

…at least I caught this before it was dinner time.

Humbug you say?
This is the shop window of Escapade, one of the coolest shops in London.
And my favourite photo from today actually.
There's something about those heads…

A month until Christmas… Oh man!
It's finally sinking in! :-|

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