it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

What a lovely Saturday in London! The rain stopped by lunch time and I went to Covent Garden to do some Christmas shopping and some street photography. This is my favourite time of the year, and I love Christmas. London has been dressing up for the season very respectively.

The cutest nativity display in the cutest shop in the world (Cath Kidston).

Everyone was in such a great mood today…

… and everyone was so cute!

People were getting in to the spirit of things. :-)

Insert your favourite quote here:
[I'm the king of the world!]

Christmas sweeties from the Covent Garden Market,
nothing better to prepare you for the chocolate marathon in a few weeks time. ;-)

Lunch time was busy in Covent Garden…


Couples were getting all sweet and romantic, too…

Trust me he was flirting, but badly. :-D


She was very glamourous, and standing in a very glamorous light.

Speaking of glamorous, if anyone wants to put a good word in for me to Santa…
Aren't they gorgeous?!

It's quite amazing that you can still eat outside, if you want to, in December.
He was the only one however, and really struggling to get the service in this restaurant.

I didn't have the lens for the optimal shot of this.
However I found the scene very amusing.
And that bar must have changed names and owners more often than I change my clothes! :-D

Lots of people were choosing to "eat out" today actually…


The scariest mime in London! :-D

I just loved their reflection…

And now for the obligatory photos of people lost in London:

Are you getting bored with people lost yet? :-D
(I know I seem to spot a lot of them these days…)

In the end of the afternoon I was walking home, but decided to pop in to the Somerset House. It hosts an ice rink every winter for anyone daring enough to try skating. I find British people on skates amusing. Coming from a country where everyone learns to skate at a very young age since moving to London it has provided me the biggest belly laughs ever. One year I went ice skating with friends to the ice rink at Bayswater in West London. There was a group of young adults there, including a 6'4" big black guy. He was going around the rink holding to his dear life to the railings and shouting "Man is made to walk! Man is made to walk!" :-D Somerset House didn't fail me this afternoon either:

Poor little soldier! :-D
He did really well, regardless of all the wet patches on his trousers from falling.
It has been unseasonally warm the past few weeks and the ice rinks have actually had to close due to melting.
I'm glad the Somerset House was open today though it was quite soggy.

This scene really puts a smile on my face.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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11 Comments on “it’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

  1. DaveT says:

    London is easily
    one of my favourite cities.

    Nice shots. Are you using film?

  2. pebaline says:

    Hi Dave, London is amazing.To answer your question. I shoot both film and digital. Most of the photos in my vox blog I have taken with my Canon 20D. Makes it quicker and easier to develop and post really. ;-)

  3. DaveT says:

    Which I would have realised if I had read your profile before asking the question :-oCool, my mates got a 20DI’ve been thinking of getting a 400D as the only difference that I can see between the two, is that the 20D’s titanium body can stop a bullet.Since I’m not planning on visiting a war zone in a hurry (or America come to think of it,) I thought I’d put up with the plastic body.I know London can be a bit grey in the winter, but you seem to have some selective desaturation going on which heightens the effect.Is that 'in camera' or post?Interesting to see that girls wearing fairy wings is a world wide phenomenon :-)I’ve seen it snow in London, and I thought it was pretty magical. Mind you, Australians generally tend to get excited about snow.

  4. pebaline says:

    Re: colours. I use a Hoya UV filter, which might explain the effect. Like you said, it can be pretty grey here in the winter, too. :-DI tend to do minimal post processing; adjusting levels, adding frames and water marks are the usual actions for me.

  5. DaveT says:

    I'll add a UV filer to the list of accessories to get. Also
    thinking of a polarising filter as the light is so glary over here.

    Happy hunting :-)

  6. DaveT says:

    While I think of it.Have you seen this before…Jpeg magazine

  7. pebaline says:

    Yeah I know the JPEG, I think I have couple copies laying about somewhere in the flat. :-)

  8. Elyzabeth says:

    Your pictures are always so awesome. You just amaze me.

  9. pebaline says:

    Thanks so much for your support and encouragement Elyzabeth! :-)

  10. designgeek says:

    Looks like its getting really festive in London! I love the scary mime artist :DHope your well hon and I'm enjoying reading your blog and seeing your travels.*hug*

  11. Hello!! i'm spanish and i'm working in london. I like so much covern garden, it's a wonderful place. You take a very very good photos!!! i like them!!! congratulations.

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