JPG street

I'm taking part in the JPG Magazine theme "street"!
If you like my photo(s), please vote for my submission (seen above) HERE !

Thank you! :-)

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2 Comments on “JPG street”

  1. vertigo25 says:

    I voted "yeah." Great Holga shot.I've submitted as well. Hopefully we'll both make it!

  2. vertigo25 says:

    Re: Your Comment:True about the weird interpretations of "Street" people are taking. The
    weird thing about it is that some of the photos are really great, but I
    just couldn't put my "Yeah" on them. I even marked one that I voted
    "Nah" as a favorite.I saw one in there of a barn. A barn??? I'm certain that many people submit just to submit.At any rate, I appreciate the vote.I've shot with a Holga quite a bit (some shots are on my Flickr), and know how difficult it can be to get a really good shot. "Mayday" is definitely one of the good ones. It fits the format perfectly and in regards to the "Street" theme, it's dead on. Good job.

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