hey ho and off we go

My early Christmas present to myself was a Kodak Coloursnap 35 camera I bought last week from the most drunken man I have ever met in this market at Archway. He had a nice little collection of old/antique cameras, but not so nice banter or salesmanship. Must have been the booze. :-D He had mostly Brownies and Kodak automatics, and the coloursnap caught my eye. I bought it for £10 and had a bag and a roll of Kodak 120 film that expired in 1962(!) thrown in. I am such a sucker for old analogue cameras. But at least Santa (umm…) got me one present I will love and use.

I actually shot a roll of film to test it out after some intensive cleaning on Saturday, but the week's been so busy I haven't had any time to post the stuff anywhere. Until now that is. (If you click on the image(s) on the left it'll take you to the larger version online.) I think the focus is a bit off, or then again it could be me who's off with the focus. I'll have to see what I can stretch it to do in January. But I have to say, running an old iso100 film through it and getting these few successful shots, I was quite happy.

The lightleak in the bottom photo is my fault. I didn't close the back properly, but I know now how to secure it. :-)

In other news. Holy mother of all London fogs! The traffic and airports in UK are in chaos due to really dense fog which is said to last over Christmas. I rang my airline this morning to check their status and they told me none of their flights out of Heathrow have not been cancelled… yet. They advised me to call in tomorrow morning to check again. I'm due to fly tomorrow night. The fog out there tonight is quite scary. Wish me luck getting home to Finland for the holidays!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday wherever you are and whatever you're up to!

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