January – check!

It was the last day of my week off from work today
and I made special effort to dust my camera and take it out today.
This is what I saw:

Someone was loving their job today…

There's always that one that gets away with not helping, right?
I find things in three's very pleasing to the eye…

There were some weird stuff going on in London today.
I have no idea what the guys were doing,
or why this man stopped to give them advice!

I just love the fact that he was only writing a log sheet,
yet wearing all the safety gear as advised on that poster.
Someone from the construction site actually came to tell me off taking photos.
He said I should have a special permit from the head office,
guess they forgot to issue mine…

There certainly was something in the air this afternoon.
He was as suspicious of those balloons as I was…

As I said, there was something strange in the air,
I think he felt it too…

There were also beautiful pockets of light.
The light in the City of London is quite lovely on sunny days.
You get the tall, shiny buildings act as perfect reflectors if you're in the right place at the right time.

Some just don't follow, but lead… ;-)

And some worlds never really meet…

I really like these clunky chairs near Moorgate.
And he was really loving that drink.

Some benches are just more old skool in London.

And some "people" just make sitting about look like an artform. ;-)

I felt really rusty taking photos today on the street.
It took me ages to grab a photo of this couple before their bus finally arrived.
And I didn't even grab proper couple shots today, shame on me!

This was the kind of safer shots I took several of today.
Pretty, but boring I suppose.

I was lucky he turned around to face me.
It made a nice detail in this.

More people lost, this time at St Paul's.
The second one is one of my favourite shots from today.
She was such a little lady with a proper guide book.

And another stolen moment on the steps of St Paul's.

Those steps were well used today.
For some they provided a place to jot down some notes…

… some used them in more conventional ways…

… and some just made a spectacle of themselves on them!

And may I just add that this last photo was totally unintentional.
Apologies to the young lady (what was she thinking when she decided to wear this on a windy winter day?),
but this is what I happened to catch when I pressed the shutter down.
Let's just dedicate it (with love) to all my male readers… ;-)

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our ta(in)ted day

My sister has been visiting me for the past week here in London. We've had a great and very relaxing time, but I have been taking less photos as a result. I did snap a few pictures when we went to Tate Modern on Friday last week, which I did want to share. Regarde:

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it’s all about me(me)

I'm really bad with tags and meme's. The lovely Gemma (loving the new hair btw!) tagged me earlier this week with this five things… thing already, but I'm still here wondering where to go with it. Since this is a so-called photoblog and I think one blueberry pie recipe is enough for one year I have decided to do this a bit differently – with the power of pictures! :-D

So, here's how it works: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with five things about yourself.  Then choose five other people to tag, list them and let them know via a comment on the blog or a PM.

My Fear:

I worry and fear too much as it is…  and this is probably the obvious one, but apart from the dentist what I fear most is growing old alone.

So, I'm an old romatic fool who has some old fashioned ideas about relationships, love and marriage… but at least if I end up with the 15 cats when I'm real old I still technically won't be alone, right? Yay for Plan B's! :-D

Wishful thinking:

One day I would love to have a real place of my own. I mean not rented, but bought. It is near impossible to buy property in London at the moment, especially on your own. And I have been extremely lucky to be able to live where I live and on my own.

However, being such a homebody having the freedom to call something like a home all your own is something I have been starting to dream of. Nevermind the fact that the mortgage company technically will own it for the next 50 years…

Embarrasing moment:

I have so many to choose from, but one of my favourite ones is going on a lunch date to Tate Modern with someone. The problem was (or at least my excuse to what happened) that I had been working a night shift the day before and had only had a few hours sleep before going to see the surrealists exhibition with him. Part of the exhibition was Meret Oppenheim's Fur Lined Cup (as pictured) and before thinking what I was doing I turned to the guy and said: Would you like to drink from my furry cup? Luckily he laughed, and it couldn't have been too bad of a first impression as we ended up being together almost three years.

Something True:

Even though you won't get this out of me on most days and I don't openly admit it, I love gossip about Hollywood stars. Not to the point of excess or obsession, it is really just a guilty pleasure. Pink Is The New Blog is a daily click for me and every Tuesday I am there on the tube reading my weekly Heat Magazine like a teenager.

Oh and while we're at it, I also love bad reviews. You know, one or two stars out of five. Be it a restaurant or play, there is something terribly satisfying for me to read about it doing not so well…

And btw Keanu, I'm still here, waiting! ;-)

Something Cute:

I'm probably the only one within my group of friends and colleagues with a child's taste in jewellery! At least it is different, and I'm really not that bad. You know, like some older *shudder* women who try to relive their halcyon years. Is it really a crime to buy some these cute pony rings (£1.50 in the winter sale!!) and wear them to work? In my books, NO! I got such ribbing from my workmates though. :-D But at least I see the funny side… and continue to shop at Lady Luck Rules OK no matter what they say…

Right and now for the tagging… I'd love the following people to join in the fun:

Elyzabethvertigo25, DaveT, Paul and tigerbalm

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Winter wonderland

It snowed overnight here in London. Like the new green in springtime the snow makes London look like a totally different and beautiful city. That's of course before it all becomes grey slush in the commuting traffic. It's amazing what effect such "adverse weather" causes in this country… It's quite amusing for someone who comes from a country where we have snow and ice for 4 months average per year. However it's not so amusing when you have to fight your way elbows and all on the underground when all the lines are having severe delays. I'll never understand how something like snow can effect the underground though. Normal rail yes, but underground. Come on! Oh well, we might as well enjoy it while it lasts e.g. the next few hours. :-)

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Blueberry pie

It turned out gorgeous! I was blogging this from my mobile phone earlier, so I didn't add the recipe, but for anyone wanting to try here you go:

Mum's easy and gorgeous blueberry pie

Base:                                                      Filling:
100g butter                                              2 dl creme fraiche
1 dl sugar                                                1 egg
1 egg                                                      2 tsp vanilla essence
2 dl plain flour                                          1 dl sugar
1 dl porridge oats                                     about 5 dl small blueberries
1 tsp baking powder

1. Whisk butter and sugar into a foamy type texture.
2. Add the egg and whisk until smooth.
3. Mix flour, baking powder and oats together, add and mix well.
4. Grease a pie dish and spread the mix evenly on the bottom of it.

5. In a separate bowl mix together the creme fraiche, egg, sugar and vanilla until smooth.
6. Spread the blueberries on top of the base mix in the pie dish.
7. Pour the creme fraiche mix on top of the blueberries and base.
8. Bake in 200°c for approximately 30 minutes.

Best served with vanilla ice cream or custard and a nice cup of coffee (from a coffee maker you can time). ;-)

I sometimes use more oats to make the base a bit more fluffy. Oats So Simple original sachets are great for this base, too. I use 2-3 in the mix if I can't find small packs of porridge oats in the shop. One pack of the standard supermarket blueberries is usually enough for this pie, too. The ones sold in Britain are usually much larger than what we have growing in the wild in Finland. Just make sure you cover about ¾ of the base when adding the berries.

Enjoy! ;-)

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the littlest things

Weekends have become my photo-days. I don't get to do much street photography during the weekdays. I think it's mostly to do with the fact that work is trying to slowly kill me, and that there really isn't much day light in London at the moment. I can't wait for the spring and summer! But I have done pretty well pushing myself and today I made myself take my camera out with me whilst going to do my grocery shopping. The fact that I ended also buying a filter coffeemaker that I can time is just… let's say a bonus. :-D I've been dreaming of a coffee maker I can time to brew my fresh coffee for me on Sunday mornings without me having to get out of bed. It's a great world we live in!

So, what caught my eye and camera today:

It was a very windy day today even though the sun was out.
Londoners were out in their winter fashion, practical or not.
I'm really disappointed that my two people in shorts shots didn't work.

It was just before lunch time and people were rushing about.

Lots of people were out just for a walk thought.
I love all that blue in the doggy picture.

These girls walked into my shot.
I don't know what I was trying to capture here,
but it certainly turned out better with them in the frame.

There seems to be a lot of pairs in my photos today this far for some reason.
These ladies were having lunch al fresco today in the beautiful outdoor space that is between The Cut and Waterloo Road. I couldn't think of a worse place to sit down to eat, when there is a nice green space just across the road with benches…

I think I said something about winter fashion earlier…
More proof of how stylish people in London really are. :-D

And more proof of concentration faces.
I think he sensed me in the middle of his texting,
but forgot to put his tongue back in.

Funnily enough this one is my favourite photo from today.

And I like how this turned out.
Someone had just left that suitcase on the street like that.
That's London for you…

Now I'm off to bake some blueberry pie! ;-)
Hope you're having a lovely weekend + week!

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Vox Hunt: Personal Best

Show us the best picture you took in 2006.
Submitted by Captured Moments.

My personal favourite of all the photos I took in 2006.
There are several I have been really proud of, but this one stands out for me.

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