rain rain rain rain

The year is starting with the monsuun season by the looks of it. I shouldn't be that surprised about it raining in London, in the winter, because this is what it's like in Britain this time of the year – like living inside wet concrete. Thank godness spring starts relatively early! I was out and about near London Bridge and Monument today and wasn't going to bring my camera with me at all, but I'm so glad I did. It turned out to be quite a grey, wet day in shooting as well, but it felt nice to get back in to swing of things since over the holidays I took just snapshots for personal and family reasons. Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of a break from all the "serious" shooting though.

It really was this grey today… That is not a B&W photo.
The rain was sweeping over central London during the lunch time and I got wet feet.

People had such different ways of dealing with having to be out in the rain.
She was trying to hide from the weather by London Bridge.

It really isn't this warm, honestly.
I really don't understand why people go out in shorts or sandals in this kind of weather.
In January. :-|
Just look at the pidgeons!

They look miserable, don't they?
It was actually quite funny sight, because these pidgeons were bathing in the rain.
They were lifting their wings in turn, like anyone would do having a shower. :-)

At least these people had some shelter.
The light from the ad on the right was so pretty, saturating the red jackets and suitcase beautifully.
Any colour today made me very happy.

You know, the bus never comes when you really need/want it to.
(I love the detail of the text on the window above looking like smoke, or blowing in the wind.)
Lots of people waiting today, with umbrellas, in my photos. :-)

I'm not sure why she was standing so far away from the pavement at these traffic lights.
There doesn't seem to be much water to splash on her if someone drives by, maybe she was just on the safe side. For me London Bridge is the least attractive area of all the stations in London. But saying that it holds some nice memories for me… like the first time I visited in London in 1990 I came to this station first. :-)

I like that I actually caught the smoke in this (see the actual size for detail).
She was texting someone with 100% concentration.

Speaking of the concentration faces I mentioned a few weeks ago… :-)

It was quite a happy accident (part #477) that I caught this man's flash from his camera in this.
In the actual size you can see rain being illuminated by its light.
Poor tourists having to endure a weekend in London in this kind of weather though.
London is such a different city when the sun is out!

Hey, it's a new year, but same old themes continue in this blog! :-D
More tourists lost in London. Yay!

The tourists can be pretty persistant regarless of the weather.
She was happy to peer up to the Monument in the rain.
I just loved how she angled her umbrella so unlogically.

Tourists have such different ways of experiencing and seeing London, too.
Some prefer to see it for themselves, some like to watch the video afterwards. :-D

I preferred popping into a nice, warm cafe right after this and having a nice cup of coffee.
My feet were wet and cold. I really needed something warm inside me.

The year really has started seamlessly. I've been feeling like 2006 never ended. Symptoms of getting older I suppose… It looks like I'm going to continue taking photos on the streets of London with the same break neck speed, too. :-D The decision and some sort of a revelation I had last year has really made me more comfortable in my skin with my camera, and I have really enjoyed looking back at my blog and my photos from the past 4-6 months. I had some of my favourite photos developed this week from the past year. It was so great to actually view all of them how photographs are supposed to. Somehow the monitor/screen doesn't do some of them justice at all. I bought a cute little album to put them in, so now I can carry some of my recent photos with me when I go out. I've always thought having some on you when you're shooting on the streets is sensible, because then if anyone questions what you're up to you can actually show them some proof and not come across just being some weird voyer. ;-)

To stick in line with the "resolutions" for 2007 I booked myself into a month long course on B&W and colour printing (in a darkroom) in March. I learned darkroom printing a long time ago but have only done B&W photo developing and printing, so I thought having a bit of a refresher and being able to deal with colour printing, too would be a good idea. I still have loads of B&W photographs unprocessed and unprinted from last year and I really want to get into the darkroom to print them myself. So, watch this space! :-)

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3 Comments on “rain rain rain rain”

  1. Alex says:

    Wonderful photos! I think London is lovely even in the rain :-)

  2. Paul says:

    These pictures are awesome! But they made me cold.

  3. pebaline says:

    :-) Thanks, you're lucky – you weren't there with wet feet…

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