I love Saturdays. Today was an exceptional one for me though. I was up before 9am (miracle!) and had a sudden burst of energy and motivation to clean. All this year I have been having these organising/tidying spurts, which of course have been very useful and productive. My flat is looking beautiful, tidy and smelling so fresh and clean as a result of today's burst of cleaning energy. Lovely! I even washed my rug that's been needing a good clean in my hallway. (When did I ever think having an off-white rug in a hallway was a good idea? :-[)

It's been an expectional Saturday for me as well in that I haven't been out to do any street photography. I had a massive ambivalence today at lunch time about whether I should go out shooting or not, and in the end decided not to. There was a big Russian Winter Festival at Trafalgar Square going on all day, but I'm going out tomorrow, so I think I can cope delaying some street shooting by one day. Although as a reward for a cleaning well done I did go out for a lovely walk in the neighbourhood ending in the local café Nero with the Saturday Guardian and a gorgeous mocha. My new mobile phone is proving to be a pretty handy companion to have with me when I don't feel like lugging all the gear outdoors. I got the Nokia N73 before Christmas and it's serving me really well!

January is going past so fast. I have a very good friend coming to stay over until Wednesday from this weekend, and then in couple weeks time in the end of the month my sister is coming over for a week. I booked tickets for us to go and see Samuel Beckett's Happy Days in the National Theatre when she is over. My sister is a massive Beckett fan, and I'm a great fan of National Theatre advertising. :-D I'm actually looking forward to going to the theatre. It's been about a year since I last saw anything in a London theatre.  And it's been years since I've been to the National Theatre. Well, to see a play, not to take photos outside of it on the South Bank. :-) It's taken me a long time to warm to the National Theatre as a building. For so long I thought it to be one of the ugliest buildings in Central London. Now it has certain charm and masculinity that has grown on me.

The cutest theatre I know is the Old Vic standing near the Waterloo Station. It has flashing lights, pilars in front and great exterior lighting at night time. Their advertising of ongoing and up and coming productions is also of exceptional quality and obvious in a not-in-your-face-way I so like. Such old skool theatre magic rarely beams from any other London theatre. Although I've had many peeks inside I'm yet to see any play inside. But like so many things in London, they are just there, taken for granted and rarely seen. But one of these days! :-)

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7 Comments on “idle”

  1. Paul says:

    I got up. Ate some oatmeal. Played some Wii. Dusted because the table the TV was on was grossing me out. Went to the grocery store to buy a whole bunch of junk food so my diet can match my sloth today.You win.

  2. DaveT says:

    I did a big clean up this year. So far I've managed to continue to keep the flat up to a certain level of order (speaking of which, I should go and do the dishes.)I've also been thinking that a whiz bang Nokia is the go this year.I'm allot more keen now that a pro like your self has given such a glowing review :-)

  3. pebaline says:

    That sounds like my usual Saturday actually. :-D

  4. pebaline says:

    DaveT – not sure if that was a glowing review (or if I could be called a pro :-D), but I've been really happy with all my Nokia phones. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Finnish… It was great upgrade from my 6230i (which is also really good phone) for the sake of the camera it has (and a Zeiss lens! Almost Leica as one of my friends said), so I'd be at least happy to recommend the N73.
    I have some washing up to be done, feel like coming to do mine too!? :-D

  5. DaveT says:

    Sure, of coarse I can, since I have a brilliant excuse to put it off for a couple of years.Being that I live on the other side of the planet :-)If I’m ever in town, it will be my pleasure to wash your dishes for you.I'm thinking a Nokia N95.I'm wondering…Will it tag the photos with GPS info?Can this info be read by sites such as
    Flickr for instant Geotagging?Can it GPS tag the video?

  6. pebaline says:

    I don't think living across the globe is an excuse, my dishes need doing. :-D
    I found this re: Nokia N95, it might be helpful. I know I can upload photos from my mobile straight to flickr, but because I don't GPS tag or geotag my photos I'm not sure if you can. had some useful info when I was setting my phone up btw. And the N-series phones are amazing. ;-)

  7. DaveT says:

    I didn't know Finnish girls were so demanding ;-)

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