Sunday sightings

Here is my Sunday in pictures:

We spent some time hanging around in front of Bond Street tube station on Oxford Street today at lunch time.
I was just pointing and shooting at people passing by to begin with.

There were other people waiting and hanging about too today.

This is what the bags looks like in London this season.
I'm not sure I approve of all the colours.

Invading someone else's moments again.
She was just too beautiful not to photograph.

The cutest shopper I saw today.

Tender moments outside of the British Museum.
I keep forgetting how great the museums in London are.
And what a great place the British Museum is for dates. ;-)

Or just to spend some time on your own.
Even outside on the steps.

There are of course many ways to enjoy the Great Court in the British Museum.
The floor is not much removed from the benches available actually.

Loved her all colour co-ordinated and lady-like just standing there for the longest time.

Other ways to wear the colour pink…

One of the most photographed features in London –
the ceiling of the Great Court in the British Museum.
I love it. And I still remember what the museum was like without it.

There is so much to see it's impossible to take it all in in one day.

Some people just have shorter attention spans than others…

And this ends the photo tour of London for today.
Thank you for joining in. :-)


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3 Comments on “Sunday sightings”

  1. Elyzabeth says:

    i have starbucks for lunch sometimes. :) Your use of subtle hints of colour in these pictures is wonderful. good job!

  2. pebaline says:

    Thanks dear, and happy new year!! :-)
    I wish I could have Starbucks for lunch, but the corprate franchising hasn't quite reached the corner of London where I work…

  3. Crush-Monkey says:

    Your photos are amazing! They make me dream of the next time i can visit!
    : )

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