Winter wonderland

It snowed overnight here in London. Like the new green in springtime the snow makes London look like a totally different and beautiful city. That's of course before it all becomes grey slush in the commuting traffic. It's amazing what effect such "adverse weather" causes in this country… It's quite amusing for someone who comes from a country where we have snow and ice for 4 months average per year. However it's not so amusing when you have to fight your way elbows and all on the underground when all the lines are having severe delays. I'll never understand how something like snow can effect the underground though. Normal rail yes, but underground. Come on! Oh well, we might as well enjoy it while it lasts e.g. the next few hours. :-)

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3 Comments on “Winter wonderland”

  1. Yea! Quick, quick… all the people making next Christmas' movies with a scene in London get your camera crews ready… you can film London with REAL snow!!!I must say, while I have never lived in an area that had to deal with substantial snow/ ice, i do find it amusing that winter weather does bring things to a standstill. How come you didn't have the day off?

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    I have always wanted to see London in the snow!! : )

  3. DaveT says:

    I've been in both London and York when flakes suddenly started drifting down out of the sky, and I reckon that few things are quite as magical as a snow fall in a European city.

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