January – check!

It was the last day of my week off from work today
and I made special effort to dust my camera and take it out today.
This is what I saw:

Someone was loving their job today…

There's always that one that gets away with not helping, right?
I find things in three's very pleasing to the eye…

There were some weird stuff going on in London today.
I have no idea what the guys were doing,
or why this man stopped to give them advice!

I just love the fact that he was only writing a log sheet,
yet wearing all the safety gear as advised on that poster.
Someone from the construction site actually came to tell me off taking photos.
He said I should have a special permit from the head office,
guess they forgot to issue mine…

There certainly was something in the air this afternoon.
He was as suspicious of those balloons as I was…

As I said, there was something strange in the air,
I think he felt it too…

There were also beautiful pockets of light.
The light in the City of London is quite lovely on sunny days.
You get the tall, shiny buildings act as perfect reflectors if you're in the right place at the right time.

Some just don't follow, but lead… ;-)

And some worlds never really meet…

I really like these clunky chairs near Moorgate.
And he was really loving that drink.

Some benches are just more old skool in London.

And some "people" just make sitting about look like an artform. ;-)

I felt really rusty taking photos today on the street.
It took me ages to grab a photo of this couple before their bus finally arrived.
And I didn't even grab proper couple shots today, shame on me!

This was the kind of safer shots I took several of today.
Pretty, but boring I suppose.

I was lucky he turned around to face me.
It made a nice detail in this.

More people lost, this time at St Paul's.
The second one is one of my favourite shots from today.
She was such a little lady with a proper guide book.

And another stolen moment on the steps of St Paul's.

Those steps were well used today.
For some they provided a place to jot down some notes…

… some used them in more conventional ways…

… and some just made a spectacle of themselves on them!

And may I just add that this last photo was totally unintentional.
Apologies to the young lady (what was she thinking when she decided to wear this on a windy winter day?),
but this is what I happened to catch when I pressed the shutter down.
Let's just dedicate it (with love) to all my male readers… ;-)

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3 Comments on “January – check!”

  1. Krsjn says:

    Some of these remind me of the series that Stephen Gill did of lost people – think it appeared in the Guardian about a year ago. Nice work.

  2. pebaline says:

    Thanks for the name, and your lovely compliment.
    I've just checked Stephen Gill's work and it's great! It's nice to be compared to someone Martin Parr likes, as well as someone who shoot on the street in colour, too! :-D

  3. Krsjn says:

    Np :) I didn't realise Martin Parr was a fan – isn't he a Magnum photographer? Tbh, I think Gill's work can be a bit up and down – some of it is really, really good, and some of it falls a bit short sometimes. Anyway, interesting stuff!

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