ray of hope

I'm missing summer terribly tonight.

I know the days are getting longer, and that spring is just around the corner, but somehow it's just not enough. I would also like to write and comment more here tonight, but I am so tired. Work has been an incredible meatgrinder the past couple weeks, so I'll have to come back with more brain power and energy towards the end of this week. Thank goodness for couple floating annual leave days I had to take before April –> I'm having a lovely long weekend this weekend! Expect lots of photos (and lots of shopping) to be done!

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QotD: First Celebrity Crush

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Submitted by Glory.

 Omg. Harrison Ford! Circa Han Solo – Indiana Jones era.

I actually wrote to Harrison Ford when I was about 12. It was my most precious stationery framed with puppies and pink flowers. ^_^ The whole sheet (both sides) was filled with such profound comments as "I love you Harrison Ford" (mostly). I was such a geek already then. :-D

Well, what I didn't expect was the big envelope in my mailbox months later when Mr Harrison Ford sent me a really lovely letter and a real photograph with a real autograph on it. Not one of these promotional printed cards, but the real thing. It was my most precious item that summer, until one of my relatives (I have always suspected my grandmother) nicked it. :-(

But Mr Harrison Ford, I still love you. :-D

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the year of the golden pig

Happy Chinese New Year!

London has been celebrating in style, and I think with more people than ever today to bring in the Year of the Pig. I went to enjoy the sights, scents and crush of people today in London's China Town and West End. This is what I saw:

There were a LOT of people, did I say?
Everyone and everything was decked in decorations today, including the vegetable stands.

I tell you, it all smelled and looked so good!

The fireworks and those little bendy dragons were doing good business today.
Last year they did these glittery dogs (for the year of the dog, of course),
but I couldn't find any nice piggy ones this year to buy as a souvenier.

These dragons were really gorgeous though:

Dragons were all the craze today anyways.
The dragon dancers were doing their rounds in the China Town and were much expected by the small…

and the not so small! :-D

Everyone was trying to find the perfect spot to see the festivities:

Although some were not that fussed to be honest!

There were also other things for kids to do…

like climbing or…

… just being musical while dad doesn't notice! :-D

So, to bring in a lucky new year open your windows, turn the lights on at night and eat something sweet!

Gung hei fat choi!

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four tags and a bedroom full of laundry

I have been very ill for the past week with the most peculiar stomach bug in the world. I braved work for the end of the week, but have been living on a very stale diet of bananas, porridge and toast for the past week, and there are no photos to speak of. I've now gone from high fever to dreaming of pizza – and most of all I'm going to miss the food fest tomorrow for the Chinese New Year. So before I burst into tears I'll be happy to oblige to do the tag passed onto me by the funniest woman on VOX:

Four jobs I've had in my life:

1. Dental assistant

2. Warehouse worker

3. Mental health nurse

4. Pianist

Four movies I could watch over and over:

1. SpongeBob SquarePants – The Movie

2. Silence of The Lambs

3. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane

4. Three Amigos

Four places I've never gone, but want to:

1. New York City

2. The Azures

3. Japan

4. Berlin

Four songs on the CD player right now:

1. Lollipop – Mika

2. Chelsea Dagger -  The Fratellis

3. Same In Any Language – I-9

4. Red Rabbits – The Shins

Four TV shows I (currently) like/love:

1. Lost

2. Masterchef Goes Large

3. America's Next Top Model

4. Ugly Betty

Four places I've been on holiday:

1. Nice, France

2. Dublin, Ireland

3. Most of Cambodia

4. Bergen, Norway


Four of my favourite foods:

1. Pizza

2. Anything Thai

3. Salmon

4. Any dessert which involves chocolate :-)

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. In my bed

2. Brighton

3. On Marianne's sofa

4. A building where mail was delivered properly

(isn't is funny that most of my photos are food related in this tag! :-D)

And now I need to tag four people:

1. Liz
2. Bookmole
3. Crush-Monkey
4. Tea and Crumpets

(sorry if this has come your way already, but always so slow with these…)

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just let it snow

I'm sure you've heard already, but London got caked in snow early this morning. It was a glorious sight, and a real payback for me for not having a white Christmas! I was probably the only adult smiling on my (very long!) way to work. But it was so pretty:

It's mostly gone and turned into slush as I write this tonight, but it was such a lovely sight today. :-)

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London: video time

Something I saw this week.
And a thing I was to start working on.

I've realised that I am much more of a linguistic person. I love words and reading and expessing myself through language, so it's a kind of strange revelation to have when photography is so imporat to me. It's also a weird thing to talk about in a so-called photoblog. I have been writing a personal journal from a very young age, but I have also been taking photos from a very young age. I think these two can and have co-existed for a very long time. It does however explain to me why I never pushed myself or visualised conseptual things as beautifully as I'd love to. I enjoy other photographers' work immensly, be it fashion, street or conseptual work. And most times I feel a tinge of jealousy not being able to produce not only the technicality of some shots, but more so the ideas behind them.

This is probably one of the reasons street photography has suited me very well personally. For me it has always been about documenting the everyday, however bizarre or boring it is around me. It also makes me see things I wouldn't usually see, observe people in a way I usually wouldn't and look at things differently. Photography has also become a very personal thing for me in the past year.  It's become something that I enjoy and think about more, but for my sake rather than anyone elses. Before I felt like I had to achieve something to a specific level, or thought in beforehand what others would think about it. Of course I like to keep standards high and wonder if other people see what I have seen in the photos I post for example here, but it's not a main priority any more. Funny that apart from the learning process this all has become this kind of internal process, too.

So, where do videos and YouTube come into all this? Maybe somewhere in between. To me it's all about the visual as well as the story, so maybe I am finding myself somewhere new, and experimental. The above video is part of a series, or more a beginning of a series, I have decided to work on this year. My London.

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