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Hello pumpkins! Normal brain power has returned! I've had couple of days off from work now and spent an admirable amount of quality time with myself. I've done some shopping for the spring wardrobe, had my nails done (in pink!) and managed to go and visit a great exhibition in Brixton today in the PhotoFusion Gallery. The current exhibtion of Dream/Life and Beyond by Trent Parke is amazing, and he's a Magnum photographer, too. I only wish I had an extra £900 to buy one of his limited edition prints from the gallery. I really recommend the trek down South if you're in London before the beginning of April to go and see this exhibition!

Whilst in Brixton I did some street photography. I've not taken my camera out since the Chinese new year couple weekends ago and it always takes me a bit longer to get into swing of things after a break from shooting in the street. I also found the area and people not the easiest to photograph. But neverthless, this is what I saw today:

Before I left home I spotted this scene from my bedroom window…

Whoever said women are more compassionate…
might've just been right! ;-)

Whilst waiting for the bus I spotted the London Eye and something unusual.
One of the pods must have been under maintenance or something.
It was lucky catching it up there, since it takes about 45mins to go around again. :-)

Look at all of those crocuses behind these two chatting away!

I think she was trying to spot what I was fake photographing up there. :-D
I love her hair! And that pidgeon so wanted to make the shot posing a long time for me.

Some people weren't buying this whole spring malarkey and stuck with their own style – and comfort.

Some of these warnings of pickpockets were sabotaged in a funny way.
I don't think the lady playing with her earphones spotted it though.

Some parts were quite interesting in Brixton.
I've only driven through the area during the whole time I have lived in London,
and I love exploing new parts of this city. There is something about seeing a place with fresh pair of eyes,
rather than visiting somewhere you know like the back of your hand.

People in Brixton were obsessed with mobile phones!
If they were not texting on them they were talking on them,
or at least trying to call someone on them.
Whatever happened to meeting people over a cup of coffee?

Well, at least some people did just that.
I loved the pattern in the back of her vest mirroring her hairdo. :-)

Then it was back on the streets, trying to catch some flavour of Brixton:

This made me smile:

The fact that the sign covered the modesty of these two
and the one of the right waving like she needs some assistance cover herself up, too. :-)

No need for these dolls to cover their modesty.
They are just too cool for school with sunglasses and everything! :-D

I got quite a few shots of people coming down these stairs,
but only two great ones with the pidgeons flying in the frame.
This was my favourite one of those two, and actually from the whole day.

It feels such a bonus to have had this Thursday and Friday off. I don't know what to do this weekend now, since I've had these bonus days off! :-D The problems I sometimes have, eh? There is always the possibility to go out to take more photos, so watch this space! I hope your week has gone quick and smooth. Have a great weekend!

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6 Comments on “sauf london”

  1. dani says:

    your photos are lovely! thanks for sharing!

  2. jp says:

    I have really enjoyed your photos and will certainly come back for a visit. Now I'm missing my London friends …

  3. Tahtee says:

    I loved your photos, London eye in special.. because i´ve been there. hehehe
    thanks for sharing, and i´ll come back for sure..

  4. DaveT says:

    I don’t feel like a pumpkin!
    Possibly a zucchini, or a squash maybe ;-)

  5. pebaline says:

    Thanks everybody – I'm glad you're enjoying them! :-)

  6. Lindajoy says:

    I lived in Brixton for 3 years until I moved last September so this is very interesting.

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