life and its wonders


Having an odd moment in my life here today. Someone I work with passed away, quite suddenly, but not unexpectedly. Things like this I never get used to in my job, nor do I want to. It has stopped me on my tracks a lot today. Having to go about the usual business has been weird, but helpful in some ways. Life, it's a funny old thing really…

I'm still in the darkroom btw, having some sort of hiatus from taking photos otherwise. It is true what they say about learning things when you're older. Colour darkroom gave me a headache yesterday, but when I finally got things (almost) right, it was great. I will be in the BW darkroom some time yet, since after the course I am planning to rent some time and get some of the black & white photos I took last year finally into prints. And the 20D is needing a pro cleaning, I think I might have already mentioned this. So, after all this, I hopefully will have some time and motivation to get on the streets of London to take some more photos.


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One Comment on “life and its wonders”

  1. Alex says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your coworker.

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