After a quite heavy week last week things (and me) are getting a bit more settled. I'm out of the darkroom as well, the printing course finished on Monday, and I am so glad I did it. I feel much more confident going back to the BW darkroom and quite proud that I tackled the colour darkroom. I got two lovely prints out on Monday that I never thought I would've been able to do. The colour darkroom is difficult as hell, I am going to be glad next time I am doing something on photoshop with a click of a button. Also everything is done in complete darkness, so fumbling around and bumping into things no more for me. I am going to book some time for the end of the month to go back to the BW darkroom and start printing some of the photos I took last year, but only have contact sheets of. Next stop – scanner.

Even though I haven't been officially taking any photos in the past couple weeks, I have been snapping away with my Nokia N73 in any given opportunity. I'm really loving that mobile phone, it's serving me well. I thought I'd share some of my recent favourites with you today.



Spring has come back to London. We had a week of lovely warm weather in the beginning of March, but it was short lived and we have been freezing out little buns off until yesterday when the temperature went up to +16c and the chavs in sandals came out again.



You never know what's lurking behind the corner…

I am really fond of tags and graffiti. For me it is part of the urban landscape and when done well can be witty, original and critical form of art. It's something that makes me feel home when I travel in any big city in the world. Seeing things like this in the context to its surroundings also has a tendency to put a smile on my face.



Speaking of witty graffiti.

I first misread this as "is Islam the future for Britain". Talk about being conditioned by the media… I am not sure if I should know which Liam they are referring to here. It cannot be Liam Gallagher from the Oasis fame, now can it? What kind of future would Britain have then? :-) Some questions I suppose are better left unasnwered. They can be just too difficult to answer.



Only in London…

I looked at this as I walked past recognising the advertising and not realising there was something wrong until I was about 10 paces up the street. I turned around and snapped a photo. Clever clogs. There are more and more things like this to be spotted around London these days. Also included in the photo is this spring's must have fashion accessory -a metallic handbag. So now you have no excuse. ;-)


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One Comment on “middleground”

  1. Nusku says:

    just stumbled on your blog – really enjoy your photographs. keep posting!

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