my gift to you

I'm still alive, and have been taking some photos, but they have been on film (remember those times? :D) and my scanner – well I broke it. So, things are not going well here. I'm thinking about buying a new scanner, one that can scan negatives to save me the bother of fiddling with prints, but until I muster the extra £130.85 from somewhere I have been clearing out some old files and photos from my computer and came across a great website for us flickr-fans. You might already know these Flickr Toys, but since I'm my usual slow starter I've only started to play around with them.

And look, I made a little gift for you all.

Since May is my birthday month and I have been neglecting you all terribly, voilá.

Feel free to use this for your own personal purposes.

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3 Comments on “my gift to you”

  1. Jane says:

    Hello! I'm glad you're still here – I was just wondering what you were up to. Boo for your broken scanner. We want more photos of London streetlife! Do you know, whenever I'm in London now I find myself looking with different eyes, thanks to your pictures.
    I love Flickr toys – I'm particularly fond of the motivational poster tool. I might post one or two of my posters on my Vox at some point.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Good to see you back – hadn't seen the Flickr toys page before, I've saved that for later perusal. That picture of blossom would make an excellent wallpaper or desktop calendar – beautiful.

  3. DaveT says:

    The calendar is cute :-)I had a whole lot of my old film based photos scanned a little while back and was a bit dissappointed to see that 'sensor noise' was still an issue.Shame really.Look out for the digital noise.

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