(almost) summer in the city

I don't know how politically correct it is to call end of April summer, but it sure felt like a beautiful summers day on the South Bank in London today. It was about time I took my camera out and took some new photos anyways, don't you think? It still needs a good clean, but it did a good job today. So, let's hop to it:

Quite literally I suppose…

Most people were really enjoying the weather by strolling down the South Bank today.
It looks quiter in this photo than it really was.

There were ways of strolling down in style.
Although I think the second boy has outgrown his wheels, slightly.

This was the brightest colour co-ordinated family on South Bank today.
I suppose the good thing is that you won't loose each other easily. :-D

This really made me smile today.
Who needs or has the time for too much detail anyways?

Today was about funny looks and colour orange really.

I got my share of funny looks…

Person's eyes can say so much, can't they.

Even though it was a lovely day some people were still working.
And some were curious about what they were doing.

Some people on the other hand were somewhere else totally.
I'm guessing he's thinking about football…
There was a big game on today (I think).

It's really difficult to find some peace and quiet in London, especially at lunch time.
Yet somehow some people manage it with ease and with a view of the Thames.

Some find it by endulging in a great book.

And some just try to find that great book.
(Another Canon user, how could I resist snapping this?!)

Even tough men deserve breaks from a days hard work.
And what could be better than to do it with ice cream? ;-)

All the excitement and people got to some…

It was too much for the big…

… and the small.

Some preferred the grass near the London Eye.

I hope he didn't burn his stomach…
The warm weather and sun really does make people go a bit funny in London.

And to end, these are my three favourites from today:

Rankin photographs by the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank.
A really nice set up for us amateurs. ;-)

I love the fact that other performers take time to see
what the other entertainers are up to and support them.

Or that they just had some time out to chat and relax with friends. :-)
I wish all police in London would dress in these kind of uniforms!

And that ends our show and tell for this time around.

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4 Comments on “(almost) summer in the city”

  1. Nusku says:

    the southbank is great when the sun is out….

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    WOW!! Looks like a gorgeous time to be in London! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos! : )

  3. Jane says:

    I so enjoyed these… I love wandering along the South Bank on a summer's day. And yes, isn't it crazy to be having summer in April?

  4. dani says:

    Wow, beautiful! I can't wait to visit London.

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