two seconds

It's a bit quiet here on the London-front. I'm having some me-time, us older people need it you know to recover from life's turns once in a while. ;-) I've not been totally useless though and have been snapping away with my Nokia N73 (as you do to earn the title of a stalker from loved ones). Here are my recent favourites:

On my birthday I was at Canary Wharf, well, just because. I have taken a lot of photos in this spot, because I just love these clocks. I also captured a little video from this spot which is at my YouTube account if you want to watch it.

I ended up celebrating my birthday what seemed like forever. Not that I'm complaining, I had a great time every time we went out. :-) This was from the evening when we went out to a meal in Wagamamas on the South Bank. One of my favourite London restaurants in one of my favourite London spots. It was almost as perfect night as it seemed to be for these two.

All the birthday celebrations culminated at the Johnossi gig at the Spitz on Tuesday 22nd May. I hadn't seen live music for a while, nor someone this talented yet so unknown and up-and-coming. I love live music, even though at parts the gig was far too loud (I did say I was old now!) and it took two days for my ears to stop ringing, there is something amazing about the feeling of being bathed in sound that you only get at live gigs. Totally worth all the damage to my ears I tells ya. ;-)

I keep spotting these particular type of gloves on the streets and roads of London. Maybe it's one of those things that you just start noticing more when its pointed out to you, or maybe it is… destiny? Who knows! :-D I feel oddly compelled to take photos of them now, like they have a special hello to me that I should record.

Another thing I have been bumping into recently is the workmen of London… in mostly these kinds of situations. I don't know what this says about the working morale of the labourers in London, but I found this damn funny. May I point out that this was taken about quarter to five in the afternoon. I hope he's just had a very long hard day at work…

This was quite a refreshing sight for a change, I could even call it "meaningful graffiti". She was working on this for couple of days actually, and I think it was a photo she was copying from what looked like a 70's fashion catalogue. Why she is painting it between a pound shop and a kebab joint in Archway beats me, but like I said, it was quite refreshing.

Tomorrow is another bank holiday in England, so I'll have a day off. I might even pop out the door this time, since today I have mostly been reading and watching DVDs. If there is any photo action I'm sure you'll be the first to know. :-)

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wisdom and YouTube

Whee! The last thing I did as a 30-year-old was upload a new video on YouTube.
It's been great sitting on the age fence, but now I am firmly plonking on the other side of the big 3-O.
Watch out, here I come!

Lovely quote to people sharing birthdays in May:

"We don't remember days, we remember moments"

And something precious to read:

Birthday Stories
Haruki Murakami

Happy Constitution Day to people of Norway!

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blank holiday

Today's been a national holiday here in UK and I woke up to the sound of rain drumming on my windows – quite typical British holiday weather some might say. I was however quite happy about this, because it meant some of the pollen would be washed away and I wouldn't suffer with my hayfever today as much as I have all this spring. I had planned to pop out to sort some prints out for my livingroom. This spring I've had this big buzz to reorganise some things in my flat and I've been rearranging some of the artwork on my walls as a part of my great interior design overhaul/vision here at home. I though I'd bring my camera with me as well, and lo and behold about half an hour after stepping out the rain stopped and this is what I saw today:

Even in the fancy parts of London men still do what men do…

I loved the colours these women were in, although I don't think I'd wear anything as bright myself.
Catching the bus in the background was pure luck.
I just love how the red and orange works with these two.

Oh don't they look just like Andy Capp and missus?
This is what I thought when I saw them coming down the street! :-D

Well, almost identical… :-D

These guys were trying to figure out now the hell they were going to get that big thing from the back of the lorry out and down in the middle of the traffic at Piccadilly. I love everyday scenes like this and felt really happy that I was able to capture exactly what I saw in this. It's not as easy as it looks most of the time.

I hope he didn't go in.
Most of the restaurants in the West End are over priced and not so good quality.

Stick to ice cream instead people! :-D
I first didn't like the fact that car had parked in the most inconveniant spot,
but now I love how it caught her reflection.

I love that bag!
I wish I wasn't too old to have one to carry around.

Oh and look, I haven't blogged people lost in London for a long time,
so here we go for the good old times sakes:

Sorry no babies sleeping today! ;-)

Let's finish with someone else taking very artistic photos in London!

Have a great week everyone!

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confessions of a semi-photography nerd

How do you know you might have some issues that you ought to get sorted? Maybe when you have a day off work in the middle of the week and the weather is gorgeously summery and you decide it is a perfectly good time to spend some time in a (literally) very dark room to print photographs. And you love it. :-D Well, issues or not that's how I've spent my day off work today as I've had a really great, productive day in the PhotoFusion darkroom in Brixton this afternoon.

On my way to Brixton I took a detour via Vauxhall and got my Canon 20D (finally) cleaned by the lovely people in Fixation. I can warmly recommend all their services. They clean your sensors while you wait as well – so I was in and out from their shop in 20 minutes.

In Vauxhall I was surprised by the city farm and their horses.
It was quite a sight to see horses gallopping in the field next to a housing estate.
Only in London. :-D

It was lovely to see people happy even though they had to work today.
Some people just have an amazing aura about them don't you think?

More lost objects on London roads.
This one was waving a hello to me when I was crossing the road.

This man was enjoying his lunch in the most unlikely of places at a busy road crossing.
A lot of things were happening by the traffic lights today actually. :-D

As you can see…
I liked that I caught the man in the distance mirroring the walk of this group of girls.

Time to get your shorts on by the looks of it.

Not many photos to blog actually, but I'm a happy photographer today.
My camera is clean, I have a folder full of lovely prints I've made myself and it's time for a cold beer.
No complaints here today. :-)

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