confessions of a semi-photography nerd

How do you know you might have some issues that you ought to get sorted? Maybe when you have a day off work in the middle of the week and the weather is gorgeously summery and you decide it is a perfectly good time to spend some time in a (literally) very dark room to print photographs. And you love it. :-D Well, issues or not that's how I've spent my day off work today as I've had a really great, productive day in the PhotoFusion darkroom in Brixton this afternoon.

On my way to Brixton I took a detour via Vauxhall and got my Canon 20D (finally) cleaned by the lovely people in Fixation. I can warmly recommend all their services. They clean your sensors while you wait as well – so I was in and out from their shop in 20 minutes.

In Vauxhall I was surprised by the city farm and their horses.
It was quite a sight to see horses gallopping in the field next to a housing estate.
Only in London. :-D

It was lovely to see people happy even though they had to work today.
Some people just have an amazing aura about them don't you think?

More lost objects on London roads.
This one was waving a hello to me when I was crossing the road.

This man was enjoying his lunch in the most unlikely of places at a busy road crossing.
A lot of things were happening by the traffic lights today actually. :-D

As you can see…
I liked that I caught the man in the distance mirroring the walk of this group of girls.

Time to get your shorts on by the looks of it.

Not many photos to blog actually, but I'm a happy photographer today.
My camera is clean, I have a folder full of lovely prints I've made myself and it's time for a cold beer.
No complaints here today. :-)

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4 Comments on “confessions of a semi-photography nerd”

  1. Marie-Aude says:

    I love your images. They are sunny and happy

  2. pebaline says:

    Hi Marie-Aude! Lovely to see you here and thanks for commenting! I hope you are well. Is it BBQ season yet? ;-)

  3. Marie-Aude says:

    BBQ season started long time ago. I have a BBQ at home in Morocco now :)

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