thoughts at night

Most of the time I'm so used to living and being in London that I loose myself in the facelessness of the big city. Sometimes London just feels like a familiar small town spreading out to infinity. But there are moments in my existence here that are short yet crystal clear and so acute – so full of this pure energy, be it of humour or emotion, that I'm honestly grateful for being shaken up a bit from the dull greyness of every day life to remember where I am and how I feel about London. It's even more incredible when I am able to capture something in that moment to share and show to other people. This was one of those moments. Today, at Tottenham Court Road I saw this:

… and I felt alive and in love with and within London again.
How could I possibly not?

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2 Comments on “thoughts at night”

  1. Raz says:

    tell me about it. i miss london

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