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I think I should rename my blog, even if it's temporary, to something like this –>

As it appears I'm currently living in some sort of a photo-vacuum. This means I'm just not taking as many photographs as I was over the past autumn and winter. This is partly due to somewhat busy personal life I am conducting over here in "real life" (it's as scary as it sounds), but mostly because at this time of the year I get irritating symptoms of allergy and hayfever. In practise it just makes taking photos and blending in a bit more difficult for me. Even though I love the increase in day light hours during the summer in all honesty I just can't wait for August – September, when the nights are a little bit closer to the day and pollen a thing of the past. Well, at least for another year.

In the meanwhile I haven't abandoned photography altogether. I have been spending time in the darkroom, marvelling the magic of images appearing on blank paper. It's quite silly how exciting something like making and creating my own prints still is for me.

Most of all London is still fabulous and I'm still enjoying and experiencing it. I'm just not documenting it at the moment. I think sometimes things are better just being experienced, and not being buffered by being seen through a viewfinder and a lens. I'm sure there will come a time when I move from this just experiencing spot to the documenting one again. Just bear with me.

P.s. I read something truly beautiful today on my way home from work. I joined Bookmooch earlier this spring and it remains a great resource of reading and recycling books for me. I got Howard Buten's When I Was Five I Killed Myself in the post today and the preface included this little quote from the author:

" Books are like babies.
They come out from inside you,
and once out you want people
to hold them in their hands.
They don't have to love them,
just hold them in their hands."

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