specks of London

For a moment I stepped in the documentation spot today, as I had to bring my camera with me to work and it seemed like a waste not to do anything with it after. So, on my way home I took a short cut… well, a detour really, via South Bank and this is what I saw:

For the past two three weeks the weather reports have been predicting rain showers for us, like today. Most of the time though the skies have stayed sunny with these kind of beautifully ominous clouds. But no rain. It's lovely really, almost like living in a painting!

The fashion trends have brought bright colours to the streets of London this summer. Some of it is that naff 80's neon bright, but some of it is lovely and refreshing, like this yellow. On cloudy and supposedly rainy days it's nice that people bring brightness to the day with their fashion and style. Even I have succumbed to buying a yellow top this summer, and I haven't really worn yellow since I was 8 years old!

Things on the South Bank have improved greatly in the past couple of years. The renovations of the Royal Festival Hall were completed this month, and there was a grand opening. Its face lift has brought new shops, cafes and restaurants to the area. Even further down the old concrete blocks make an effort as a result. National Theatre has got astroturf (fake grass) in front of it for people to enjoy the summer and special events. They even grew real grass on one of its main walls from May onwards! Seeing it being watered was quite a sight! :D

My new favourite feature of the new Royal Festival Hall is the fountain on the upper terrace. They have timed these rows of water shooting up so people can walk in between them and not get wet. The children go mad for this fountain, but so do the adults. It's a great place to hang out if you need a quick pick-me-up after a hard day at work, or just for the cooling down effect on a hot summer day.

I know it's not much, but at least there was something to update (with proper photos) rather than me going on about how I'm not taking any photographs at the moment. I felt terribly rusty today and it had been a long day at work, but I do hope you've enjoyed these (and the longest day of the year)!

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7 Comments on “specks of London”

  1. Paul Mison says:

    Appearing Rooms (the South Bank fountain) is back by popular demand, after it went down a storm last summer, but it's not going to be there forever; a couple of months, I think, then the series of temporary fountains continues.The showers really have been avoiding London. Last week I decided not to cycle twice on the advice of the forecast and it didn't rain seriously either day (there was a small shower on Thursday, but it was incredibly localised; within 10 minutes walk it was bone dry). If you go 60 miles north-east of the city, though, there've been fairly ferocious thunderstorms most days for the last week.

  2. pebaline says:

    It's a shame I missed this fountain last summer, as I practically lived in the South Bank. :-) What a great idea to have a series of temporary fountains this summer. I'll be sure to keep an eye on what they come up next.
    And speaking of rain… just when I was about to write that there is still none in my end it started to come down. Talk about sod's law! :-D

  3. Jane says:

    Great photos – as always. I haven't seen the fountain yet, which is strange since I'm there every time I'm in London. I'm probably coming up to Waterloo on Monday so I shall look out for it then!

  4. pebaline says:

    Thanks Jane! The fountain is on the upper terrace, above where Giraffe, Foyles and Wagamamas is. It was great fun just to watch different people walking in and out, jumping about and having a good time interacting with it yesterday! Have a lovely weekend btw! :-)

  5. Bookmole says:

    Well, your picture of the fountain (which is, btw, excellent!) has made it to the This is Good box on the Vox front page. Well Done, Pebaline!

  6. I find your photographs and writing style inspiring! I explored more of your photos at flickr and enjoyed them a great deal! Keep posting your views :)

  7. Get a room! This is why they want to arrest Richard Gere in India!! =P

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