I was tagged by the lucky Marianne the other day to share eight things about me you'd never dream of knowing… Oh man! At least it didn't take my usual two weeks to catch on to do this, so here goes:

1. I was ridiculously religious as a teenager. I now lean on firm agnosticism.
2. I have had four concussions. One due to being late home for ER I ran, tripped and fell head first to a cement wall. Talk about dedication to a TV show! :D
3. I've never been to America although in my early 20's I seriously planned moving over there.
4. I am a cross country skiing gold medal champion. Well, aged five I won the pre-school contest, because the girl in lead fell over in a tight bend and I took over in the final metres.
5. My favourite hobbies are talking whilst burping and singing in silly accents.
6. I learned to play the piano since I was seven and have accompanied everything from choirs to violins, but also appear on a dubious soundtrack of a video which is not in the mainstream release. I haven't played since I moved to London though.
7. My first kiss was with someone 11 years older than me.
8. If I won the lottery I'd take a year off work to travel the world, buy property in London and then return to my job. As much as I whinge about the work and the pressures I really love what I do.

And now, let me tag some people! Wehey! Consider yourself involved: Hurricane Hetta, Kay, Jane and Crush Monkey

Next week I'm going to be on holiday for two weeks. Expect some street photography from Helsinki on my return. Until then, don't do anything I would do. ;)

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6 Comments on “huit”

  1. Marianne says:

    Hei piti taggaa kaheksan! :P Olihan siel kaikennäköstä paljon mehukkaampa ku mulla. :D

  2. interesting facts! Enjoy helsinki.

  3. annaliisa says:

    Ah, Pebaline, I tagged Hetta a little earlier this week! But it's OK, we can share her or else she can post 16 things about herself!
    As for Helsinki, I am sooooo envious!!! Eat lots of mansikka kakku and drink lots of Jaffa and enjoy the great weather! (I hope I spelled those Finnish words correctly, I am not very good with Finnish writing.)
    And if you do come over to visit the USA sometime, you can always hang out with me and/or my Finnish Mom in the DC area.

  4. pebaline says:

    Tuli vahan sellanen tunnustuslista, mutta hey ho! Totta joka sana. :D En keksiny kaheksaa tagattavaa. Viimeks ku taalla taggasin kaikki vaan valitti eika tehneet mitaan. Ja kauheen moni on tehny tan jo kanssa. :P

  5. Crush-Monkey says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I actually did it and then tagged my buddy too! : )

  6. Ha! Very funny about the ER incident. Though, I wouldn't wish you any pain :)

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