half truths

I cannot believe it is August already. Where is the summer slipping away to? It only feels it's just begun here in Britain. It was actually quite ironic having to go near the arctic circle to catch some proper summer weather in July. And my, isn't this British – talking about weather! :D I should really get to the point and ta-tara-raa announce the arrival of my scanner! It is finally here courtesy of selling some stuff on eBay and photographs as prints in the past couple months. I am so excited, and to be honest such a nerd. Installing and fiddling with new gadgets is one of my favourite past times. I can now scan prints straight from negatives, but I haven't tried to do that yet, I'll save that for the weekend. But of course I couldn't resist putting something through the new toy, so I scanned some of the prints from my other new toy: Olympus Pen EE half frame camera. This little Japanese beauty takes two vertical photos in one frame and is so much fun.

I took my Olympus Pen EE out the first time on Saturday 4th August and here is what I came home with!

It was an amazing day on that Saturday on the South Bank.
I sure had a nice time… :)

The London Eye is the most popular tourist attraction in London at the moment. I think it has been so since they hoisted it up in 2000 (apparently 3,5 million people go round it in a year). It is also my favourite sign of British competency: originally planned to open on New Year's Eve 1999 to commemorate the new millennium it actually had it's first official run in March 2000 instead. Oh well…

What can I say about this one. Just things I saw and liked together.
McJob is now an official Oxford Dictionary word by the way. ;)

Two great things going around in the South Bank.
It's great fun to compose and match things together with this little camera. I really enjoyed thinking outside the box a bit when shooting the first film. It's always nice to try new things as well to refresh from the old routine.

This is my favourite photo from the day. That fountain is still up there by the Royal Festival Hall. I think it's proven a massive hit to be honest. There were so many people, old and young, running their way across it. I never come away frowning from this spot, the joy is so contageous.

I'm gutted that the photo on the left is blurry, this would have been such a perfect pair otherwise. The tricky bit is actually trying to remember where exactly you are in the film when shooting with the camera. The counter doesn't help you that much to be honest. But I am sure I'm going to go out with this camera again, I had such great fun with it. I've also bought bundles of film for it, too. Having the scanner really helps now as well. :D

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2 Comments on “half truths”

  1. Stephanie-j says:

    what a great function! I only have an Olympus C760, which is a few years old now, but works beautifully. even though the left is blurry, be park would be my favourite out of this set.

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