Saturday tourist

Saturdays seem to have become a bit of a routine photography days for me in the week. It's probably because it's just practical for me, but neverthless, I'm getting into a bit more of a routine to shoot, and shoot film more, after my little summer break. This new Olympus Pen EE half frame camera is bringing me so much joy as well. I had so much fun with playing the tourist with it today:

I went to Tate Britain first thing today so see the How We Are – Photographing Britain exhibition. We tried to see it couple weeks ago, since my friend Marianne has one of her photos in the special Flickr sponsored part of it, but we were too late to get in. Hence this photo being quite appropriate. And it was open today, and I saw it (and took a sneaky photo of it for Marianne). ;)

From the Tate I walked via Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square. I felt like doing some touristy shots and what is a better place than heart of London by Nelson. You can catch so many great people shots there. And Nelson really is my favourite guy in London. :D

It's not legal to feed the birds at Trafalgar Square anymore. I remember the first time I stood in this spot over 15 years ago you couldn't see the ground from the pidgeons. And some people still get a bit lost in London. I had to snap him for good old time's sake.

My favourite shot(s) from the day. There is something very sweet about this, in a very London way. I'm not quite happy with the Kodal Elite 400 film I put through the camera though today. A bit too saturated for my taste, but I'm still learning what I can do with the new camera (which is part of the fun!).

So, for the rest of the weekend – I have a little plan to go and take my Holga to the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday. I've never been, which is quite embarrasing, since I've lived in London almost nine years. I kinda feel it is about time I experienced one of its institutions. I have said this same thing the past couple years though, so no guarantees.

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5 Comments on “Saturday tourist”

  1. love the pics! they brought back fond memories…especially the one taken from the national gallery! and what a beautiful day. Enjoy Notting Hill. That's one place in London I've not been either. I'm looking forward to see the photos.

  2. Crush-Monkey says:

    Awesome photos!!!! : )

  3. pebaline says:

    Thanks! :) I've been to Notting Hill load of times, just never made it during the carnival. I'm really determined to go this year, as for the past couple of years there has been this rumour that it's going to be moved to Hyde Park (part of it already has been this year). I really want to still see it in its original form and settling – just in case. :)

  4. dearbarbz says:

    I just love your photos : )

  5. E Sheng says:

    Although I have never gone to there, but I can feel there is a particular place from your photos. ˋ(  ̄▽ ̄)ˊ

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