Indian Summer

Today London's Regent Street hosted a festival called Indian Summer. In a nutshell: it was a celebration of India. This summer there have actually been over 1,500 different events celebrating everything and anything Indian. London is great like that, there is always something new to see and experience at your doorstep. I went and stayed all afternoon and this is what I saw:

It was very easy to get into the spirit of things.
The performers were everywhere and the air was filled
with the smell of gorgeous Indian food all the way down Regent Street.

The first thing I bumped into were these bagpipers.
Can you spot their biggest fan in the second photo? :D

Some people were still just rehersing for their main acts when I got there.
For a rehersal I thought this was quite impressive!
I found it quite amusing he was positioned perfectly under that GAP sign.

This is my favourite photo from the day.
It's got nothing to do with the festival really, but I just
loved how this couple "matched" their surroundings in front
of the Apple Store. :D

Dancing seems to be hard work by the looks of the feet on these traditional dancers.

I just loved how the strong colours made everything seem more exciting and vibrant today.
These guys were checking out the girls whilst waiting for their turn to do their performance.
Some things just cross cultures without any effort. :D


The main stage hosted a lot of action throughout the day.
Most of the live music was going straight through to BBC radio's Asian Network.
This is one of their DJ's, Bobby Friction (I think!). Very cool, eh?! ;)

Well, much cooler than the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone I must say.
But I had to snap a photo since I was in front row…
(The lady behind Ken is the minister of tourism for India)

One of the coolest things for me at the festival were the henna tattoos.
I got one very similar to the second one on my right hand, on my inner wrist as well.

One of the funniest things I saw today, but this photo really needs the back story:
London's biggest toy store Hamley's had put out a lovely pirate themed sand pit in front of the store for children to play at. They had professional entertainers in costume for the authentic feel. This was somewhat ruined when one of the pirates dropped a digital camera in the sand of the pit and broke it.
It really didn't work, as you can see in his expression…

Pirating seemed to be serious business elsewhere in the pit, too!

Most children were easily pleased at the festival, like these ones with just balloons…

… but not all were that impressed by what was on offer…

.. even when they had the best view in the place!

Maybe they were concerned about the mess made on the street? :D

Part of Regent Street had these lovely backdrops hanging
for everyone to get a chance to snap an authentic Indian-feel photo as a souvenier.
(So, I did! This couple is very cute and pink, so how could I resist?)

The other backdrop had more of a jungle feel.
I quite like how that tiger looks like its going for her ice cream!
She better watch out! :D

Ice cream seemed to be the hit of the day with everyone really.
Although, some were still thinking that maybe the grass was greener on the other side.
I only wish they really made ice cream cones in that big of a size! :D

Maybe she had one of those mega size ones.
At least she made a mega mess with hers! ;)

It really was a great day out, especially for me, since taking photos seemed to come very easy for me today. Maybe this was because I was having such a great time – there was so much to see and experience, and because I was shooting digital after doing a stint with somewhat more concentration needing analogue photography. ;) Either way I was pleased to come away with so many photos I was really happy with! Hope you have enjoyed them, too!

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2 Comments on “Indian Summer”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    Awesome photos! Regent Street looks like it was VERY busy!!!

  2. lizzy says:

    i really enjoyed that! thanks for sharing. :)i love the pirate with the phone lol

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