long time no photo

Isn't it terrible when your social life takes over and you end up going weeks without blogging or photographing?! Take me for an example, in the past eight days I've had five different people staying over at my place here in London. Some overlapping each other, some not! The latest visitors were my dear street photography friends who live in Norway, so we spent last weekend actively shooting people in their faces. With a camera. As someone cleverly would put it. ;) It was great to shoot with other street shooters actually. It's such a luxury to me to be with like-minded people and do what we so much love to do. There is something really inspiring taking my camera out with other street photographers. There is something in the old saying of "strength in numbers" as well as having someone with you who understands when (and why) you stop, space out and wander off – mostly without any notice. We wandered around popular parts of London both Saturday and Sunday and this is what I saw (in a bit of a random order I think):

On Sunday Trafalgar Square hosted a Jewish festival Simcha.
We ended up there right at the end of the day and all the best seats were gone already.

Tourists. In London. Always a great subject. ;)
Looks like Berlin happens in London these days!

Of course we had to go and see Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth in Tate Modern.
It's the £300,000 crack on the concrete floor of the great Turbine Hall
(and the current top conversation piece in London). I must say, it is impressive.

Although someone disagreed with me…

… and some got more up close and personal with it than me.

Oh, and some took far more artistic photos of it than me…
Look, photographers suffer for their art, too! :D

Outside Tate Modern some people were smart in saving money on their lunch and being able to catch the amazing October sunshine at the same time. (I think I am slowly becoming to realise why I so love the half frame Olympus camera so much from this photo!)

Then we were off to the South Bank (of course)!
I honestly don't think I've ever seen this street performer do what he is supposed to do.
All I see him do is have cigarette breaks! :D

Couples do the cutest things. ^-^
I loved these two sharing and flirting on the South Bank.

And then it's back to St Paul's.
That man fed the pigeons with such love and care.
(I love that expression on that girls face!)

So, there we have it. Now I'm back to roaming the streets of London on my own. And not a festival in sight (as far as I know! :D) Oh and I've shot some film on the Olympus half frame camera couple weeks ago too, but I need to scan it all and then I can come back and post it all for you to enjoy. I'm going in a bit of a random order with my photos since the film stuff is a bit older stuff than what I've shown you, but at least I've got something more, and new, to show you soon!

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2 Comments on “long time no photo”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    I was just wondering where you've been!
    Looks like you are enjoying some great weather in london in the fall !
    Awesome photos as always!! : )

  2. *bmw* says:

    Nice photos!!! :) Like them all! **

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