better halves

Here are the previously mentioned film shots I took with my beloved Olympus Pen-EE half frame camera. These were shot well before and kinda during the photos in my last post below, but they're not more that couple weeks old. This is also my first B&W roll I put through the camera, and must say the Boots in Britain can't even get a C-41 film processed correctly. Fair enough, some of the film was overexposed due to my own gaffes, I put my hands up and admit that. But as I scanned the roll from negatives, half of it was perfectly fine and not like the prints I got which were all white as a ghost. Just another film processing place to go on my "never use" list in London. And unfortunately there seems to be so many on that list now… :P

But let's get to the good bit!

These are two lovely photos maybe with more personal meaning to me than anything else.
Just lovely memories of a day out in London with good friends.
(Do people take photos just for memories these days? Or do I?)

Shopping in London is great!
What's even greater is the advertising,
especially when they go quirky or wrong – or both! :D

This is probably more like my signature pairing of people with their environment. Just something that naturally attracts me, as you might know. ;) With the half frame camera it's just a bit easier in a way. I can just snap at the two separate things I see to pair them, not always having to wait for the perfect thing to happen right next to something.

What I noticed from this roll of B&W film was that the half frame vignettes and blurs "a bit". The best proof is in the above pair of photos. I have gone back to closely look at the colour rolls I've shot (all two of them – woo!) and there are nothing remotely like this blur in them. Some vignetting yes, but the B&W brought out some cool effects that look like a love child of a Holga and a Lensbaby. (This photo on the left is my favourite from the whole roll.)

Such a cliché London photos, and I really have no excuses.
But I just love the Great Court in the British Museum, plain and simple as that.
It's great for both stunning atmospheric architectural shots as for photographing people.
So, being biased, this was my favourite pair from this roll of film.

I think in the future I might just stick to colour film in the Olympus (especially since I forgot half way through this B&W roll I wasn't even shooting in colour, for once! :D) both to test this vignetting thing a bit more and make it easier to get the prints in a bit of a better quality. By all means it is good practise to scan my negatives anyways, but the first two colour rolls have been such good quality I've been able to just scan them straight from the prints. And I now know who to go to get that done. ;) More photos to follow when I get over my awful cold! ;)

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