my week in details

For the past week I have been confined inside the four walls of my home, as I've had what the doctor called "just a virus". It sure as hell didn't feel like any "just", but I'm happy to say that I'm finally starting to feel better and slowly gaining my strength. During my week at home, to pass the time, which seemed to mould into one long continuum at the same time as going really slowly in my fever, I took some photos with my camera. It was a bit like getting rid of that feeling where you just have to have some chocolate (girls you know what I'm talking about, right!) – I just had to take some photos. No matter what I was documenting.

So, this is what my week has looked like:

My diet has been very simple this week.
Mostly because I haven't been able to digest much,
let alone be strong enough to hold a fork in my hand.
And I am now sure people can overdose on tea!

I've sought comfort in the little things, like a hot shower and my comfy pyjamas.
My blankets have kept me warm during watching hours on end of mind numbing day time TV.
My flat got very dusty, like grossly dusty, but I've now soldiered on to hoover my new pets away.
And when the TV got too weird I made little to do lists, with very ambitious goals!
The last thing to be achieved (to "get well") almost done now. :)

The highlight of my week was baking some chocolate muffins last night…

… and being able to taste them! <3

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6 Comments on “my week in details”

  1. and you still managed to take some great photos! i hope you're feeling better. it sounds like you've had the flu! ick!!

  2. Jane says:

    Feel better soon, duck. The grotty non-weather doesn't help, does it?
    Love the photos.

  3. Crush-Monkey says:

    Hope you are feeling better! Your indoor photos are as AWESOME as your outdoor ones!!! I hope your primary job is a photographer because you are amazing!!! : )

  4. pebaline says:

    Thank everybody! I'm much better now and back to work (unfortunately somehow :P).

  5. Bill says:

    Susie-dear,So sorry to hear that you were under the weather.

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