details rather than the bigger picture

I was defying another cold coming on today and decided to believe that old wives tale about cold air killing viruses or… well, something. So, I went for a little walk to get some early Christmas presents from the Open Studios event by Craft Central in Clerkenwell.  I grabbed my camera with me, but there weren't that many people around, and to be honest, after a cup or two of the homemade mulled wine by the lovely Sarah Stafford, I was not in the sharpest street photography modes anyways. Regardless, this is what I saw today:

I have no idea if this is art or advertising.
Either way it was very strange.

Evidence of the night before.

How do you know you're in Clerkenwell?
People post lost signs for Armani glasses instead of pets! :D

Just in case you forgot I suppose…

Oh and look, there were some people about!
Having lunch at St Paul's. :)
(I love her stripey style!)

I keep forgetting that there is not so much daylight at the moment.
I think I am still living somewhere in August in my head…
The sunset was very pretty over the Thames though on my way home.

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November people

I was out and about on Thursday trying to shake some of the rust from my street photography.
This is what I saw:

One of my favourite topics in big cities:
urban loneliness and proximity of people.

For good old times sake: a lost person. ;)

And a new topic? Not a person, but an item lost.

I just love people in London.
They have the most amazing ability to vanish into a world of their own,
be it with music, or in a place, or like in his case, in a good book.

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November blues

I made a short trip to Finland over the weekend.

Mua vaivaa ikävistä ikävin.
That's the best way I can really put it all.

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Apart from shooting photographs this year I have also been working a small scale personal project in video form on YouTube. I wanted to share something more "alive" from the city I love (and live in), so the "Part of my London" aims to do just that. And when I say "small scale" I mean really small scale! I have shot the videos on my mobile phone camera (Nokia N73). I'm finally coming around to know how to really convert and edit them in the best possible quality and I only have like six subscribers. :D I have posted some video here on VOX before from the project, but I wanted to share some of my personal favourites this far with you:

This was my first official video of the series. I really wanted to show something not-so-typical from the places I often see and experience. The steps to Trafalgar Square are one of my favourite places in London and I've had one of my most romantic dates just sitting on them.

I randomly capture the footage when I am out and about – and most of all when I remember really. There is no running order as such in these, they stand alone individually as much as they are a part of the series. This one is a lovely example of coincidences I sometimes record just by accident. It's also a lovely example of the little things that are always happening in this wonderful city.

  This third one is my absolutely favourite video this far. It really captures this summer for me in just the few minutes I recorded. A lovely memory from one of my favourite summer spots in London. ;)

If you want to see all of the videos in the project this far, check my account on YouTube.
I'm planning to finish the series in February 2008.

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