Right, it’s that time of the year, again, when we are supposed to do some tallying up and reflect on the past 12 months. I still can’t get over the fact that indeed another year has passed. 2007 has really been a funny old year for me. There were very high highs and very low lows this year. Some of them I had predicted, some things that happened were very unpredictable. I am looking forward to the New Year and hope that I will have a better grasp of things to come in the next 12 months if anything else.


Highlights of this year for me have been my best friend getting married and moving back to the UK, my sister’s success and the features of my photography, most of all in the Soura magazine as they found me via VOX from all the places. :) I’ve enjoyed Jaiku a lot, finished a 365 journal project on my birthday and stuck to most of my plans for this year, even the exfoliating one! I saw a lot of live music, which was great, and plan to do so in the coming year, too.


Photography-wise it seems to have been a very photojournalistic year for me. Whereas 2006 I was very productive in just going out and taking photos on the streets of London, this year I have mainly been photographing in different events in London. It’s funny how that has worked out really. I had been planning this month to take on a little challenge in the next year, thinking of doing something with colours, since the 365 project just seems so insurmountable for me. And there it was, the answer was in today’s Photojojo newsletter. In January I’ll be starting Project Rainbow! Twenty photos themed by the colours of the rainbow, and I plan to do a colour a month. A lot of people have already joined in, but have a look at their Flickr group if you’re interested in doing this with me.


It’s hard to select a favourite photo I have taken this year. Some are very personal and important to me and me only, some have been technically not so perfect, but yet have something lovely about them, so I’m not going to pick just one for once. I might do a little feature again of a Top Ten, or well, maybe a Top Five photos of 2007 for you. ;) My Holga is crying for attention, but maybe I will do some more 35mm film photography first as the Holga is planning to travel to Germany for a while without me. I really enjoyed my darkroom course I did in the spring and should really keep up the skills. I love being in the darkroom really, it’s a great way for me to relax now. I also love the fact that I seem to have gained upper hand on my Nokia N73 camera as well and now can push it a bit further when it’s the only camera I might have with me when I’m out.


So, I wish you a wonderful new year 2008 – may it be prosperous, happy and most of all interesting for us all!

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Happy Christmas

Against my wishes I haven't had a chance to get out with my camera before Christmas and I won't for a while now. It seems that there are just too many Christmas parties, too little time. :D I'm off to spend Christmas with my family, so I will wish you all Happy Christmas time and all the best for the new year 2008!

Until next time, maybe next year! ;)

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Winter Wonderland

I have no idea what possessed me today to go out in the rain and gloom. I've wanted to see the Winter Wonderland  in Hyde Park for a while now and it seemed like it was clearing out towards the late afternoon, so I traipsed in the mud across to Hyde Park Corner for it only to start pouring down as soon as got my camera out hence slight Christmas mood melt down and not so many photos today:

At this point I was just enjoying the moody sky…

… but the skies soon opened making it a rainy(wonder)land.
(can you spot the fourth person in this?)

At least some kept their good humour intact. :)

And the weather didn't flatten the spirit of many people.

And the rain did eventually end and I got something to hot to drink
before traipsing back home to warm my toes. Ahh, heaven.

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windy December

I started operation Christmas shopping 2007 today. In a very small scale, but nevertheless it was time to get ready to shop – or die. Since I haven't been feeling very well (yes, again) I thought I'd take it easy and just go across to Covent Garden today. And to make sure I wouldn't get too stressed I brought my camera with me. This is what London looked like today:

It was a very windy day today.

If you could find a warm corner in the pub you were lucky.
(Oh how this made me smile, Finnish people will totally understand.)

There is always time for a quick bite to eat, no matter how windy it is.

To the rescue! :D

What's lovely about Covent Garden is that there is always something to see…

… like this beautiful acrobat.

Or you can just let the world pass you by.

It certainly is starting to look and feel like winter in London, isn't it just?

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red ribbons

I'm interrupting the usual London flow in this blog to remind everybody that not only is it December and the Christmas month starting today, but that today is also the world aids day!

Aids is still a huge problem in our modern world and needs to be in the forefront in our minds and hearts. The rate of new cases of HIV/aids diagnosed in UK alone are one of the highest in Europe.

Please support this cause, it's very close to my heart. You can do as little as educating yourself and your nearest and dearest. And remember to wear a red ribbon today.

If you are wanting to get more involved you can find more information how to do something in your country at the world aids campaign page.

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