windy December

I started operation Christmas shopping 2007 today. In a very small scale, but nevertheless it was time to get ready to shop – or die. Since I haven't been feeling very well (yes, again) I thought I'd take it easy and just go across to Covent Garden today. And to make sure I wouldn't get too stressed I brought my camera with me. This is what London looked like today:

It was a very windy day today.

If you could find a warm corner in the pub you were lucky.
(Oh how this made me smile, Finnish people will totally understand.)

There is always time for a quick bite to eat, no matter how windy it is.

To the rescue! :D

What's lovely about Covent Garden is that there is always something to see…

… like this beautiful acrobat.

Or you can just let the world pass you by.

It certainly is starting to look and feel like winter in London, isn't it just?

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6 Comments on “windy December”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    Gorgeous photos! Especially the big baubles and the acrobat! looks cold there! We may get snow here tonight! Brrrrrr!

  2. Hallie says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your page by accident and looked at the photos that you have. I've always mentioned in the past to my significant other that we should probably live in London. That last photo that you posted up there from above looking down at a couple is so BEAUTIFUL. it's probably the fact that black and white colors stand out more in the picture and the scenery is just pretty already. is that how london is the majority of the year? rainy, dark/gloomy, chilly? i think the scenery's pretty.

  3. Raz says:

    You are really good in taking photos and I really miss London…

  4. Jane says:

    Lovely photos, as always. I'm so looking forward to moving to London in the New Year. It's high time I lived there again.

  5. pebaline says:

    London is not all doom and gloom as the stereotypes might tell you. Yes it rains a lot in Britain, but we also have a lot of lovely days and the summer is sweet. If you dig through this blog I am sure you'll see London in its many seasons and weathers for example. ;) Living here is wonderful – nothing like it is for being a tourist thought, but I'd recommend it to anyone. I'm very happy here for the 10th year!

  6. pebaline says:

    That's great news Jane! It'll be great to have you in the Big Smoke, too. ;)

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