Winter Wonderland

I have no idea what possessed me today to go out in the rain and gloom. I've wanted to see the Winter Wonderland  in Hyde Park for a while now and it seemed like it was clearing out towards the late afternoon, so I traipsed in the mud across to Hyde Park Corner for it only to start pouring down as soon as got my camera out hence slight Christmas mood melt down and not so many photos today:

At this point I was just enjoying the moody sky…

… but the skies soon opened making it a rainy(wonder)land.
(can you spot the fourth person in this?)

At least some kept their good humour intact. :)

And the weather didn't flatten the spirit of many people.

And the rain did eventually end and I got something to hot to drink
before traipsing back home to warm my toes. Ahh, heaven.

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