in the (Greenwich) meantime

Hohoo! Surprise attack of photos from the back left! You didn't think I'd treat you to some new photos this soon now did you? :) But – I went out to Greenwich today and brought both my Canon and Holga with me. So, whilst we wait for the lovely people of Snappy Snaps to develop my film let me show you what a glorious day out it was today:

It was superb weather for park life today. The crocuses and daffodils are already blooming in Greenwich Park and the afternoon sunlight was so lovely. I was sitting out in the park for ages just enjoying the dare-I-say-it spring weather and people watching.

What's nice about this park is that there are a lot of dogs and most of them run free. I'm not sure how "legal" that is, but most people with dogs were sensible, yet letting their dogs have the time of their lives in the park too. This little one absolutely loved this man and especially his huge kite.

The couples were out in full force in the glorious weather, too.

… As well as the boys checking the girls out.
Luckily for my little project, she was decked out in the right colour today, too. :)

Some other lovely photos for Project Rainbow were taken today, too.
Although the Gods of Photography didn't love me as much as they did on Friday –
but I'm not complaining! :)

The lack of red was was all made up in the levels in cuteness instead.
Like in his red cheeks and level of concentration. ;)


All and all it was about relaxation and just enjoying the Sunday today for me.
After all, it's back to work tomorrow. I hope you've had a nice weekend, too!

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over the hill

Yesterday I went for a walk in Hampstead Heath and climbed up Parliament Hill. It is one of my favourite views over London. My secret plan was to catch some fresh air, as well as scout anything red in the park for the ongoing Project Rainbow. I didn't do too badly doing some park-street photography actually:


This mother pushed her way to my viewfinder almost immediately.

And since we were in the park, the nature managed to throw some lovely red details my way, too.

There were some other lovely moments that didn't really need the colour red to be captured.
(This reminds me so much of one of my favourite songs by Polly Paulusma.)

It's also very nice when the gods of photography are on your side. I had some lovely moments up on the hill when something like this happened. What are the odds, eh?

This girl was in the world of her own. Just before I took this photo her boyfriend bolted down the hill. And soon after I took this photo she started to cry. One of those London moments I suppose…

And just as I was about to give up and get down from the hill and go this man appeared next to me. What are the odds he's going to pull a red plastic bag from inside his bag? According to the universe loves Susanna- rating: high. :D

So, Project Rainbow is going well in other words. I now have 10/20 photos for my first colour. And I'm planning to go out tomorrow to see if I can catch some more red. I feel a bit silly for going for red in January actually as if I would have been any smarter I'd done it in February and got all my photos in the Chinese New Year celebration. I suppose I can't have it easy all the time. :)

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Red Rainbow

The Project Rainbow is starting to work wonders for me. I have broken the cycle of only going out to shoot on the streets of London only when there is something happening in the event way. So much so that I went for a little stroll around Westminster and South Bank yesterday just for this month's colour red and found myself really getting into it regardless of the miserable weather. It's funny how much red there was once I was focused on just that colour.

Red walls, people wearing red… it was all around me.
And I got a photo for my Run-series with this one, too. Bonus!

I decided at the beginning of the project that I'll try to avoid some clichés, like the red telephone boxes in London. See how long that lasted! :D I just couldn't resist it when I saw this couple struggling trying to get into one – and how the girl saved the day (of course!). ;)

This on the other hand was suitably surreal scene to intrigue me even without any red colour in it. I have been reading and looking at photos by Joel Meyerowitz a lot this week, and I think some of the photos I took this day were greatly influenced by his work. He's one of my favourite street photographers. He's a real pioneer in colour street photography, too, so obviously the man is my hero. ;)

Then there was the usual couple trouble to catch my eye.
These two were trying to take the perfect tourist photo together of the Big Ben on his mobile phone.
Girl saves the day – Part two. ;)

  I stayed in this one spot by the County Hall for a while. I admit, I was hoping for someone with red hair to pass, but it just wasn't meant to be. Actually a lot of the great photos I saw happened 5 seconds before I got my camera to it. It was a funny day like that yesterday. But there was this one fantastic moment where I saw this woman coming down with her red umbrella and as I pressed the shutter down, this happened. It made up for no red heads most certainly.

On the long run I had to settle for these kinds of red heads instead. :)
Another stroke of luck really. Red buildings, red jacket, red hoodies.
I was a happy girl.

I'm not sure how picky the project is about the colour red. I think this is a bit on the borderline for me to submit to the collection, but I liked the shoes. And the "friendly and interested" manned of the man giving information in the Star Wars booth. If you're in London I really recommend the exhibition btw. I saw it in Helsinki few years back. It's great, and really interesting even if you're not a die hard fan.

This is my favourite photo from yesterday. I quite liked the static approach to the street photography, which is something new to me. But just observing and letting things happen in front of me had some benefits. Like catching this young man being more interested in anything but the Big Ben. I know, it's so last century! :)

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Paris happened

It seems quite funny, but the first street photos I've taken this year were in Paris. I went across for couple days with my sister this week. It was a Christmas present for her, and well sort of for me, too. I've not been over for a few years and have been meaning to go back for ages. So, we took the train across, and I have to say – The Eurostar is fantastic. I'm now thinking about taking a day trip out in the spring again, it's so quick and easy! London of course is fabulous, but it's so lovely to get away from this metropolis and roam around another one. Most of the photos we took were incredibly touristy, but here is a collection of my favourite ones:

We stayed over just one night, which might have been just right for staying in our "cosy" hotel room.
I'm not going to make any bad jokes about French engineering I'll just let the photos speak for themselves… ;)

We did the very touristy things, like visiting the Louvre.
(One of the best things in Paris: the men were incredibly handsome and chic.)

It's quite interesting trying to capture the mood of another city when I'm so used to London.

Another great thing in Paris: coffee and the trees.
There are so many, everywhere!

The second day we visited Notre Dame. We went inside and were taking in all the grandeur and respecting the afternoon mass going on. In one corner of the cathedral however was a serious tourist photo shoot going on… I found this quite amusing. :)

At least there were some other people enjoying the real essence of the place.

The Metro is a great and easy way to get around the city.
Minus the scary doors it's much better than the Tube in London.

Somewhere in the Latin Quarter.
This is actually for the Project Rainbow.
I'm starting with the colour red, if you couldn't tell. ;)

Before making our way to Gare du Nord and coming back to London we went by the Sacre Coeur cathedral.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather (both days) and the fact that we got there by dusk when the sky was painting everything pink and therefore incredibly romantic and Parisian. It was a lovely way to finish the trip.

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