Paris happened

It seems quite funny, but the first street photos I've taken this year were in Paris. I went across for couple days with my sister this week. It was a Christmas present for her, and well sort of for me, too. I've not been over for a few years and have been meaning to go back for ages. So, we took the train across, and I have to say – The Eurostar is fantastic. I'm now thinking about taking a day trip out in the spring again, it's so quick and easy! London of course is fabulous, but it's so lovely to get away from this metropolis and roam around another one. Most of the photos we took were incredibly touristy, but here is a collection of my favourite ones:

We stayed over just one night, which might have been just right for staying in our "cosy" hotel room.
I'm not going to make any bad jokes about French engineering I'll just let the photos speak for themselves… ;)

We did the very touristy things, like visiting the Louvre.
(One of the best things in Paris: the men were incredibly handsome and chic.)

It's quite interesting trying to capture the mood of another city when I'm so used to London.

Another great thing in Paris: coffee and the trees.
There are so many, everywhere!

The second day we visited Notre Dame. We went inside and were taking in all the grandeur and respecting the afternoon mass going on. In one corner of the cathedral however was a serious tourist photo shoot going on… I found this quite amusing. :)

At least there were some other people enjoying the real essence of the place.

The Metro is a great and easy way to get around the city.
Minus the scary doors it's much better than the Tube in London.

Somewhere in the Latin Quarter.
This is actually for the Project Rainbow.
I'm starting with the colour red, if you couldn't tell. ;)

Before making our way to Gare du Nord and coming back to London we went by the Sacre Coeur cathedral.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather (both days) and the fact that we got there by dusk when the sky was painting everything pink and therefore incredibly romantic and Parisian. It was a lovely way to finish the trip.

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3 Comments on “Paris happened”

  1. Crush-Monkey says:

    Happy New Year! Looks like you had a nice trip! Your photos…amazing!! Thank you for sharing them! : )

  2. uccloud9 says:

    love your pictures!! paris is my favorite vacation city. if only i could save up and fly on over!!!

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